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    UserIQ Helps BIM One Improve NPS Responses 5x

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    Quebec, CA
    Construction Technology


    BIM One specializes in project management and technology implementation related to building information modeling (BIM). The company provides BIM consulting and implementation services, technology strategies and custom software solutions.

    Using a ‘hands-on’​ approach, BIM One addresses clients’​ design and construction workflow issues using proprietary technology to re-design processes. Whether solving immediate process issues or providing the structure for ongoing management of BIM, BIM One works within its clients’​ operations to implement the most practical and cost-effective solution.


    BIM One is a leader in the building information modeling industry with their fast-growing flagship product, BIM Track — a BIM collaboration and coordination platform for general contractors and construction companies. In 2018, BIM One was seeking a platform that would rally their entire company around key customer initiatives like reducing churn, scaling their customer success team, and supporting user needs. BIM One came across the many point solutions that are available in today’s customer success software market, each offering some interesting features but none offering a value proposition that spanned both customer success and product management team needs.

    However, once they discovered UserIQ, BIM One realized that they wouldn’t have to invest in multiple products, but could instead have all of their needs met with one solution. 

    UserIQ was perfect for us, since we knew that with their single platform, we could quickly get the value we were seeking without having to integrate an entire tech stack together.

    Carl Veillette

    Co-founder and Vice President at BIM


    BIM One decided that the UserIQ platform was best suited for their diverse needs and signed on to become a customer. Excited that UserIQ offered user engagements, product intelligence and customer health features all within one easy-to-use platform, the team was eager to get going.

    For starters, deploying NPS surveys had been challenging for BIM One in the past. Previously, the team used an online survey platform for NPS scoring and had sent out the survey invitations via email. NPS email response rates were low and it was hard to get their survey campaign to stand out amidst all of the other email inbox ‘noise’. Any sort of user targeting or segmentation was also impossible with their old survey method, and the BIM One team wanted to amp up their NPS data collection and harness that customer feedback to improve the user experience.


    The ability to measure customer health and churn risk was another big reason that BIM One selected UserIQ. The team had a good overall pulse on their user base, but they wanted to get more proactive about predicting and managing at-risk customers. BIM One also wanted to take some of the manual work off of the plates of their busy Customer Success team and optimize their high-touch outreach strategies to focus on high-priority users.


    It didn’t take long for BIM One to see results after implementing UserIQ. Once they started taking advantage of UserIQ’s in-app NPS survey capabilities, the team saw a 5x increase in their NPS response rate. Instead of blasting out NPS survey emails to their entire user base, BIM One is now able to create targeted campaigns and seek feedback from specific user segments, such as accounts that have just finished onboarding or customers who had a recent drop in their health score.

    They’ve also been able to create in-app announcements and guided tours to aid their customer success team with onboarding new users and transitioning new customer accounts from the sales team. By automating some of this outreach in UserIQ, BIM One is able to be proactive with their users, which helps to scale and optimize their customer success resources. 


    In addition to the campaigns and customer health features that UserIQ offers, BIM One has also leveraged the platform’s product intelligence capabilities to get smart about their users’ in-app activity. BIM One can now create paid account and free account segments to compare what those customers are doing differently and define the best outreach strategy for each distinct user group. Intelligence features like Journey Paths have helped the BIM One team take their understanding of feature usage to the next level — showing them the typical customer workflows, where users get stuck, and how they navigate to and from specific areas within the BIM Track application.

    Before UserIQ, we were acting like firefighters, since we always were forced to be reactive. Now, instead of going after all our accounts at the same time, we’re able to prioritize what we do, who we target, and when we act.

    Carl Veillette

    Co-founder and Vice President at BIM


    User engagement and churn reduction will continue to be big focus areas for BIM One. As the team builds out additional guided tours and other in-app campaigns to onboard, engage and educate their customer base, BIM One will continue to track key metrics and arm their growing team with the customer success tools they need.

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