February 17, 2022

    Introducing UserIQ Reporting — Data Visualization for Customer Success Teams

    (NEW!) Reporting - Concept 1-2How does your team accomplish customer reporting?

    Chances are, there's a decent amount of guessing and disparate data involved. 

    Speaking of data, it's great and all. But when you can make sense of it — quickly — and make confident decisions with it AND can easily share its insights, that's when the magic happens.

    The newest addition of our customer success platform — UserIQ Reporting — delivers this in spades.

    Thanks to data visualizations designed to tell a story, you'll simply know what your customers are up to, without having to interpret anything. 

    This newest feature set is part of the unified customer success platform, where everything is available in one spot. The first two dashboards available are Ticket Insights and Adoption Insights. More dashboards are on the way. 

    Ticket Insights

    This dashboard shows easy to understand visual intelligence on your customer tickets. You can glean answers to questions such as:

    • How much ARR is tied into accounts with tickets?Reporting - ticket insights full screen
    • Which accounts are being serviced the most?
    • What types of tickets are open?

    Ticket volume, after all, is a churn indicator. With this newest dashboard, you'll get a handle on user issues quickly to spur more renewals. 

    Adoption Insights

    It's all about (repeated) adoption in the end, right? Insights in this dashboard were created from the ground up for action. Some things you can do include:

    • Identify the most active users.  
    • See which features aren't being used.
    • Know how long it takes users to interact with your top feature. 

    Domo and integrations

    The reporting solution is powered by Domo, one of the most respected analytics engines on the market. 

    Said Carolynn Daskalakis, Domo’s vice president of customer success:

    “UserIQ’s focus on delivering a best-in-class data experience for customer success teams is a competitive differentiator."

    Thanks to Domo under the hood, you'll enjoy visualizations that end the guesswork and seamless connections with data from platforms such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, Pendo and hundreds of others.

    In one spot. 

    Sharing made easy

    There really is no such thing as "typical" in customer success. With UserIQ Reporting, you'll have visual tools and advanced filtering to deliver the report you want with the data you need.

    In addition, you won't have to recreate the wheel for your presentations. You can export and share your reports to anyone who wants to see them. Copy and pasting, taking screenshots and filling out spreadsheets? See ya later. 

    UserIQ CEO Tyler Winkler said the release will help customer success teams find hidden truths. 

    "Customers will not only have powerful data but will be able to tell the missing story to whoever needs to see it," Winkler said. 

    UserIQ Reporting is one of the most requested features in a long time. If you'd like to take it for a spin, schedule a demo today. 

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