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    Your Playbook for Success

    Your top customer's renewal is 60 days out. Game time.

    With UserIQ Plays, you'll know when this happens — as well as other important events — and see automated tasks designed for positive outcomes. You'll know which tactics work, which CSMs are rocking it, and drive repeatable tasks for the entire team.

    It’s time to build your playbook for success.

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    With UserIQ Plays, Your Customer Success Team Can Spring to Action

    Grow Through Consistency With custom filters and statistics on effectiveness, you'll build plays in UserIQ that ensure repeatability, automation ... and success.
    Scale Onboading With UserIQ, CSMs will have accountable steps — from setting up kickoff meetings to sending education resources — to welcome a new user onboard.
    Automate Tasks Enjoy purpose-driven plays that your team can repeat with consistency. Thanks to UserIQ, you'll save time and adjust strategies quickly due to built-in metrics.
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    Play More, Work Less

    You'll have an outcome-driven, consistent plan of attack for any scenario. It's easy to set a trigger such as a low NPS score, a filter such as a high ARR, an assignee and tasks.

    Whether you have nine accounts or 90, UserIQ Plays work hard so you don't have to.

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    Purpose-Driven Plays

    What if retention strategies could be validated and streamlined to achieve your goals? Now, you can see what plays need your attention and adjust on the fly to drive results. Thanks to UserIQ Plays, you'll enjoy total visibility into your customer success operations.

    From Project Management to CS Automation

    Smart content for your customer success team

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    UserIQ, your team player

    Learn how UserIQ Plays can help automate tasks, how custom health scoring can help you make better decisions and more.

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