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    Identify churn risk and growth opportunities with visual data — no interpretation needed. Drive customer engagement and better team performance, proactively. Prove that customer success is company success.

    What makes UserIQ different?

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    How can this tool spur higher customer retention and more renewals? For starters, it helps you quickly identify at-risk accounts and prioritize who to reach out to.

    The Customer Success Solution Built for Action

    Reimagined Customer Health See clear customer signals and know the impact you have on accounts with the stunning UserIQ customer health score dashboard.
    Visual Reporting & Analytics With UserIQ Reporting, you'll end the guesswork and start getting visual insights into product adoption and customer feedback.
    With UserIQ Plays, your CS team will enjoy an outcome-driven plan of attack for every stage of the customer lifecycle. It's safe to say these plays work.
    In-App User Engagements Start the customer experience off right with onboarding tours and grow accounts with in-app messages. Your wingman is right here.

    Health + Reporting + Plays + Engagements. With our customer success solution, you will unlock insight into customer health, eliminate user hurdles and simplify account management. Your CS team is so ready for this.

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    New! UserIQ Reporting

    With UserIQ Reporting, you'll have clear insight into customer behavior with data storytelling and visualizations - no interpretation needed. Redefine insights into the customer experience with 1,000+ integrations and data connections available.

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    UserIQ Return on Investment

    0 days Average time to first win See UserIQ pricing
    0% Jump in feature usage for one customer See customer story
    0x Increase in NPS response for one customer See customer story

    Happy UserIQ Customers

    We serve growing SaaS companies looking to enhance their approach to customer success management by reducing guesswork, eliminating complexities and creating proactive behaviors.

    Thanks to UserIQ, Cox Automotive has been able to successfully optimize the customer onboarding journey for hundreds of users, both internal and external. Using UserIQ’s in-app guided tours, we’ve helped customers to increase long-term product usage and now know exactly who is using each feature."

    Chuck K.

    Director of User Experience (UX) at Cox Automotive

    A 400% Increase in Feature Adoption
    for Manheim

    Manheim, a unit of Cox Automotive, saw that users who take a UserIQ-sponsored customer onboarding tour are four times more likely to adopt a new feature, leading to higher long-term product usage.

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    The UserIQ Story

    We're the curious type. Curious about customer behavior and why users do the things they do. We also believe customer data should lead to action. That's why we built the UserIQ customer success platform.

    Our mission? To give customer success teams the power to predict outcomes and impact company growth with the most intuitive, action-oriented platform on the market.

    About UserIQ

    Customer Success = Company Success

    It's no secret that customer retention revenue outpaces new SaaS sales. Helping customer success teams retain and expand accounts is our business. That's why UserIQ equips customer success teams with health insights and customer engagement tools that can be shared across the entire organization.

    Customer Success Teams Gauge customer health. Offer in-app tours. Act on user feedback with in-app engagements. Look at you, customer success genius. See CS teams page
    C-Suite Turn your customer success investment into a profit center. Cut churn. Drive expansions. Improve advocacy. Win. See executive page

    From Finding the Right Customer Success Tool to Building a Health Score Program

    Looking for a higher user IQ and insight into customer needs? Here's a good place to start.

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    Instinct will only take a customer success manager so far

    See how UserIQ - with reimagined customer health functionality and analytics-driven playbooks - can help your customer success team make better decisions.

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