Health Score Dashboard

    Customer Health Scoring, Reimagined

    Keep track of every customer — struggling or thriving.
    With the UserIQ customer health score dashboard, your team
    will have the facts on top of customer opinion to take
    quick, proactive action.

    Fine-tune your analysis down to the smallest detail. Set
    notifications. Get a bird's eye view. All in one dashboard.

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    Do You Trust Your Health Score Program?

    If you're like most customer success types, the answer is "No". Reasons range from programs being overly complex to not accounting for user sentiment. The UserIQ health score dashboard is designed to give scaling CS teams the most intuitive insights they need. In addition, it combines VoC, CSM pulse and product usage data in one brilliant dashboard. 


    Spot Changes in Customer Health

    Instinct’s great and all. But it won’t tell you why Suzy stopped using your new search tool three months ago. It also won't tell you why your NPS score rose 13 points with Canadian customers who embraced said search tool.

    That’s where UserIQ — and the customizable health score dashboard — comes in.

    With sentiment (NPS) and science (health scores), your customer success team will simply act on risk quicker.

    Health Platform
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    Slice and Dice Any Way You Want

    Identify groups needing attention through user segmentation. Refine to the smallest detail. With UserIQ segments and filters, you’ll engage customers at scale and discover key business trends.

    Here's just a sample of what the health score dashboard can drill down to:

    • ARR 
    • Daily active time
    • When a feature's been used
    • CSM opinion (pulse)
    • NPS score
    • Support tickets
    Platform Overview

    UserIQ helped us get our user onboarding guides in place and calculate health scores so we know which accounts are at risk.

    Tom Zeliff

    Director of Customer Success, ExakTime

    Ready to See Some Healthy Growth?

    Resources from UserIQ will help your CS team get even smarter

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    It's time you trusted your health score program

    Simplicity + deep data + sentiment = one amazing health score dashboard. See it for yourself.

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