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    Spot Boons and Busts with
    In-App VoC

    NPS surveys and other voice of the customer programs are a quick way to gauge customer sentiment. How much do they dig your platform? What is the one thing they wished it had? With UserIQ VoC tools — combined with comprehensive health scoring and product intelligence — you can answer these questions and prevent problems. Best of all, it's in the app. That means customers are more apt to engage.

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    Sentiment is Hard Data — Not Just Opinion

    Chances are, you send out NPS surveys. But are survey answers integrated with your product usage data? Can you segment your users to glean whatever truth you're seeking? Are survey results integrated into one account management system designed for customer success teams? UserIQ will help you marry sentiment and science with beautiful precision.

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    Customize Your VoC Engagements

    You can create in-app engagements — NPS, rating, custom and microfeedback — in UserIQ. And thanks to custom branding, you can easily make your engagements look like "you".

    Then there's user segmentation.

    Want to send an NPS survey to all 2,226 users? Or, how about a custom survey to your 12 customers who have:

    • Seen your last tooltip
    • Haven't logged in over five days
    • Register an ARR over $1.5 million

    Child's play with UserIQ.

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    Analyze NPS Scores For Any Segment

    Because you can segment NPS survey recipients by job title and other relevant criteria, you can gather insight into how each user type feels about your software.

    Use this data from UserIQ as a starting point to investigate the effectiveness of your onboarding program and customer engagements.

    Engagements Platform

    Validate Sentiment with Customer Health Scores

    Health scores and user sentiment will tell you if a customer is really happy. 

    By adding more context to a user’s single NPS score, you’ll avoid thin hot takes. With holistic health scoring and customer sentiment from UserIQ, you'll have feeling and fact to make confident decisions. 

    Health Score Dashboard

    UserIQ is a flexible and powerful platform for customer health scoring, NPS collection, in-product onboarding, educational marketing and usage insights — all in one. Since adopting, we’ve gained confidence in assessing the health of our customers, saved countless hours in reporting and freed the process of building effective onboarding from the development team."

    Josh H.

    Customer Growth Specialist, TechSmith

    From NPS to Customer Journey Maps

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    The CS platform that combines sentiment and science

    See how VoC features as well as health scoring and plays can make your customer success operations even smarter.

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