Kinda Science, Kinda Magic

    Do you have targeted insights to forecast account behavior and take action proactively — at scale? The UserIQ customer success platform will get you there.

    With a reimagined customer health dashboard, product intelligence and in-app engagement tools, you’ll know your customers like the back of your … microscope.

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    Enjoy Easier Customer Success Quicker wins. Comprehensive account management. No more guessing. UserIQ will help your customer success team forecast churn and renewals and own that proverbial seat at the table. Why UserIQ
    See the Big (and Small)
    When you can drill down or see a holistic view on product usage, you’ll solve problems before they arise. Looking for an early-warning system? UserIQ Intelligence has you covered. See Intelligence Platform
    Anticipate Change with UserIQ Health When was the last time Customer X used a particular feature? Is their feature usage a predictor of churn? With custom health scoring, you'll have the tools you need to predict outcomes. See Health Platform

    A Smarter Health Score Dashboard

    Segment for success and spot changes with the UserIQ customer health score dashboard. Built for modern customer success teams, it provides everything most SaaS companies need.

    When you have intuitive insights, you'll simply see wins quicker. Winning — it's for winners. 

    Health Dashboard

    In-App VoC and NPS to Guide You

    Hard data doesn’t tell the whole story. That’s why UserIQ adds customer and employee sentiment to the mix.

    Identify promoters, passives and detractors with NPS surveys. Get instant opinions with micro feedback. Include CSM analysis with pulse scores. Sentiment + science is beautiful magic, friends.

    VoC Features

    From Health Scores to Churn Forecasting

    Your real family may not love these ebooks. But your customer success family will. Check one out today.

    We needed a way to analyze usage data, send in-app messages, and track customer health, and UserIQ had the full package of what we were looking for."

    Andy Schrader

    Chief Product Officer at Reveal Mobile

    HEALTH SCORE GUIDE Learn about health scores
    WHAT'S YOUR CHURN RATE? Read blog post
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    Predict change, rule the world

    See how UserIQ will help you predict account behavior with actionable insights.

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