Customer Success in the Driver’s Seat

    Customer success pros aren't just account managers. They're bonafide revenue generators. 

    UserIQ helps customer success teams drive adoption and move customers to a healthier state. When you get calls to action that spur positive change, you’ll have a direct impact on company growth. Customer success is now behind the wheel. Buckle up.

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    Make Success Easier Health + Intelligence + Plays + Engagements. With the UserIQ customer success platform, you'll have intuitive insights and in-app communications in one package. You'll also see quicker wins. Why UserIQ?
    Predict Account Behavior Thanks to the visually stunning UserIQ customer health dashboard, you’ll see which customers are happy, which ones are going to churn, and swing into action. See Health Platform
    See Repeat Success With UserIQ Plays, you'll drive an outcome-driven, consistent plan of attack for any scenario. It's easy to set a trigger such as a low NPS score or a filter such as a high ARR to maximize adoption. See Plays Platform
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    3,2,1 — Onboard

    Two reasons why good customers don't adopt new features and churn? A bad onboarding experience and poor communication.

    UserIQ will help you start your relationship to its fullest potential. Create guided tours, then send in-app tooltips and announcements. Ready for take-off?

    Tours & Tips
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    Keep Users in Orbit with In-App VoC and Sentiment

    NPS surveys and other voice of the customer programs are a quick way to gauge customer sentiment.

    With UserIQ VoC tools — combined with comprehensive health scoring and product intelligence — you can get answers to any question you want, keep customers happy and drive adoption.

    VoC & Sentiment

    Drive Adoption, Renewals and Expansion

    Book smarts — and street smarts — for the well educated customer success team

    UserIQ helps us communicate with customers, gather feedback, and promote new features. We are able to identify and message different customer segments within UserIQ, and we’ve seen significantly higher engagement with product campaigns, such as NPS Surveys and new product launches."

    Cynthia A.

    Product Manager at Brainshark

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    Get behind the wheel with UserIQ

    See how UserIQ will help your customer success team drive feature adoption with customized insights and in-app engagements.

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