Customer Success Platform Overview

    Sentiment + Science

    Armed with subjective and objective insights — as well as engagement tools — you’ll predict user behavior and create winning experiences.

    Safe to say, UserIQ customer success software will give you some serious user IQ. But don’t brag. OK, you can brag a little.

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    How You Can Drive Revenue with the UserIQ Customer Success Platform

    Know your customers. Identify who needs attention. Scale faster. Win.

    Hey, Customer Success Genius!

    Health + Intelligence + Plays + Engagements. The UserIQ customer success platform combines health insights, user analytics, project management and in-app communications in one beautiful package.

    17 Days to a Win The average UserIQ customer sees their first win within 17 days. You can talk about ROI all you want. But when a platform is this easy to implement, you'll simply see results quicker.
    Easier Predictions UserIQ will help your customer success team anticipate change and act on it with clear insights. When you can drill down or see a holistic view, you’ll solve problems before they arise.
    Tear Down Those Walls It's OK if you don't have a Ph.D in data science. UserIQ data is configurable, actionable and visual to help you immediately glean insights and easily share them across the entire company.

    Act on Risk Quicker with UserIQ Health

    Pulse. Sentiment. Adoption. Usage. Visualize how health is trending in any filter. Understand the impact of your outreach. Know users inside and out.

    You’ll love the re-imagined customer health dashboard from UserIQ.

    Health Platform

    No More Guessing with UserIQ Intelligence

    Feature usage. Segments. Adoption trends.

    With UserIQ, you’ll just “get” your customers. And, you’ll be equipped with clear next steps. If you ever wanted to remove “guessing” from your plan, there’s no time like the present.

    Intelligence Platform
    Group 1128

    Enjoy Repeat Success with
    UserIQ Plays

    BRAND NEW! Improve renewal success. Make onboarding more scalable. Automate your tasks.

    With UserIQ Plays, you'll know when an account needs attention, understand exactly what to do about it and level up your customer success skills.

    Plays Platform
    Tour Step UI

    UserIQ Engagements: Your CS Wingman

    Simplify onboarding. Drive feature adoption. Reach users with onboarding tours, VoC surveys and messaging — in the app.

    UserIQ has the tech part covered. That means you can spend more time with your customers.

    Engagements Platform
    VoC surveys & analysis included
    Searchable in-app knowledge base
    Product usage data included
    Health insights dashboard
    17 days to first win
    Deep product use analytics
    Free 1:1 CSM

    Before UserIQ, we were acting like firefighters. We were forced to be reactive. Now we’re able to prioritize what we do, who we target and when we act.

    Carl Veillette | Co-Founder and Vice President | BIM Track

    Having the option to provide both contextual help through UserIQ and static content through traditional channels ensures we have a variety of ways to get useful information in front of the user.

    Seth Stuck | Director, Product Analytics & Testing | Cox Automotive

    UserIQ Customers

    We serve scaling SaaS companies that want to get smarter about serving customers and driving retention revenue.

    Starting at $495/Month

    UserIQ platform pricing is dependent on active users and other factors.

    UserIQ features

    Enjoy customer success and digital adoption functionality in one package

    Custom health scoring
    Product usage insights
    In-app onboard tours
    In-app messaging
    Tasks & plays
    Segmentation & filtering
    Average time to value: 17 days
    No nickel & diming
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    The UserIQ Customer Success Blog — It's a Thing

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    What’s your user IQ?

    Customer health. Plays. In-app engagements. See how smart your CS team can be with UserIQ.

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