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    UserIQ Pricing

    17 Days to a Customer Success Win

    How do your measure value with your customer success technology? The average UserIQ customer sees their first win within 17 days.

    Vendors love to talk about ROI. But when a platform is this easy to implement, you'll simply see results quicker.

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    VoC surveys & analysis included
    Searchable in-app knowledge base
    Product usage data included
    Health insights dashboard
    Fast implementation
    Deep product use analytics
    Free 1:1 CSM

    Happy UserIQ Customers

    We serve rapidly-scaling SaaS companies that need customer success and product adoption functionality.

    One Centralized Platform with Simple Pricing

    Unlimited seats! Pricing dependent on monthly active customers.

    UserIQ features

    Enjoy customer success and digital adoption functionality in one package

    Custom health scoring
    Product usage insights
    In-app onboard tours
    In-app messaging
    Tasks & plays
    Segmentation & filtering
    Average time to value: 17 days
    No nickel & diming
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    See quicker wins with UserIQ

    With intuitive implementation and deep customer insight, your customer success team will spend less time guessing and more time winning.

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