Drive Adoption with
    Onboarding Tours and
    Feature Tips

    It's no secret a good onboarding experience can drive
    renewals. A poor onboarding experience? The reverse
    is true.

    With UserIQ, your customer success team has the
    wingman it deserves. Now, you can start the relationship
    off right with guided onboarding tours, send tooltips to
    select users, or let them know about the newest feature
    with a branded announcement.

    All in the app. When they're most apt to see it.

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    Onboarding Problems = Churn Problems

    Few customers blame "bad onboarding” in their churn notice. But the facts show that it is quite often the No. 1 reason for a non-renewal. Thanks to the UserIQ customer success platform, you'll easily create guided tour experiences, at scale. As your revenue grows, your adoption program should grow with it — not get in the way. 

    Tour Step UI

    Set Up Onboarding Tours in Minutes

    It's cool if you have money to burn on developers and high-touch repetitive interactions. But with UserIQ, you won't need any of that to set up intuitive product tours. 

    This high-tech solution allows you to build targeted, step-by-step usage guides that can be accessed on-demand. 

    This means your customers still experience effective guidance while you focus on WOWing them next. 

    Engagements Platform
    Segments UI

    Target Your Tours

    Your product is unique. So why should your user onboarding software be one-size-fits-all? Targeted product tours from UserIQ call attention to the most-relevant features, thanks to user segmentation options such as:

    • User’s job role
    • User or Account lifecycle stage
    • User or Account data in Salesforce
    • Account type and payment status
    • Interactions with other features
    • Login activity

    Engagements Platform
    Tooltip UI

    Guide Them with Feature Tooltips

    Are some customers not using a particular feature? Perhaps they just need education. That's where UserIQ tooltips come in. 

    It's so easy to create custom segments and send branded feature tips. After installing the tracking snippet, go to UserIQ Engagements and you'll reach customers in the app in minutes flat. 

    Engagements Platform

    Setting up product tours is very straightforward. It’s important that we have the capability to segment our users when launching these tours and we found that process to be very easy.”

    Victoria Lincoln

    CSM at PriceBeam

    Insights on VoC, Onboarding Tours and More

    These resources from UserIQ are fun, quick to read and are loaded with nuggets of delicious wisdom.

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    Turn that onboarding session into an expansion

    When you combine onboarding tours with health scores and product intelligence, you'll see your customer success operations driving revenue. Come see for yourself.

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