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    We all know the majority of SaaS revenue comes from existing customers. That’s why UserIQ offers actionable insights to help you predict account behavior and engage users — so you can be proactive about retention.

    Smart customer success teams? Customers dig ’em.

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    Drive Adoption UserIQ helps customer success teams drive adoption and move customers to a healthier state. When you get calls to action that spur positive change, you’ll have a direct impact on company growth. Why UserIQ?
    End the Treasure Hunt When you can drill down — or see a holistic view on product usage — you’ll identify issues before they arise. UserIQ Intelligence can help you stop looking and start finding. See Intelligence Platform
    Grow Through Expansion With UserIQ Engagements, CS teams can drive retention and expansion with better communication. You’ll create better onboarding with tours, gather feedback and educate users with in-app tips. See Engagements Platform
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    Start Em Off Right with In-App Onboarding

    One of the top reasons why good customers churn? A bad onboarding experience.

    UserIQ will help you start the relationship to its fullest potential. Create guided tours. Send in-app messages. Customize the experience. Best foot, forward.

    Onboarding Features

    Know What Keeps Them Happy with the Health Score Dashboard

    Thanks to the UserIQ health score dashboard, you can view your entire customer base in visual — and actionable — data sets that show health, activity, product use trends and more.

    When you know what compels customers, renewals become easier.

    Health Dashboard

    From Adoption to Expansion

    Better customer success strategies in five minutes

    UserIQ gives us access to the data we need to segment our customer database and build customer health dashboards to better understand our accounts. It’s a great tool for both our product and customer success team."

    Jeff J.

    COO and Co-Founder at Kenect

    A 400% Increase in Feature Adoption for Cox

    Cox Automotive (Manheim) customers who take a UserIQ-sponsored onboarding tour are four times more likely to adopt a new feature.

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    See how UserIQ helps cut churn and improve retention with actionable insights.

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