Looking for an Accurate Health Score that Drives Action?

    Greetings, risk avenger! With the UserIQ health score dashboard, you'll have actionable signals on churn liability to increase renewals.

    From daily data points on feature interaction and support tickets to configurable weighting, you'll see these signals and know exactly what to do with them. If foresight is the kind of thing your customer success team needs, look no further.

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    Get a Health 360 Better understand your users with a complete behavior profile that includes login activity, feature usage and sentiment. With feeling and fact, you’ll know how to take action.
    Take a Pulse One account needs training. Another lost a customer champion. There are some things you just can’t quantify. With UserIQ health scoring, measuring the unmeasurable just got easy.
    Go Deep or Shallow Drill down to one user or get a more holistic health snapshot. Know what’s popular … and not so popular. Now, you can create specific filters to bring your health insight prowess to new levels.

    A Smarter Health Score Dashboard

    There’s a lot going on in your customer success world. Which accounts are unhappy? What’s changing in those accounts? Which CSMs are crushing it? Enter the new UserIQ customer health score dashboard.

    Health scoring, in-app notes and tasks will help you to stay focused and spot changes. And since change is constant, you’ll be glad to have a forecasting partner at your side.
    Health Score Dashboard

    UserIQ Health Scoring Features

    Armed with health insights, you’ll have everything you need to take action, maximize retention and drive feature adoption. Here's just a scattering of features your customer success team will enjoy:


    • Health score trends
    • Dynamic account filtering
    • On-the-fly note-taking
    • In-app tasks to track to-do’s
    • Voice of Customer trends
    • Recent usage patterns
    • Pulse score changes

    We use this tool to keep an eye on our less active accounts. It helps us to be proactive with our clients, and saves us countless hours of manual monitoring. Keeping track of the “little things” that make a big difference. We have definitely elevated our client relationships by being able to better anticipate our customer’s needs."

    Tad Kozak

    VP of Client Services at Intellum

    From Health to Account Management

    These aren't just ebooks. They're truth rockets. Hop in.

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    Health scores are just the start

    The UserIQ Health platform, combined with product intelligence and in-app engagement, will give you deep insights about your users. See how today.

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