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    Product Teams

    Are They Using What You Built?

    So your killer feature finally dropped. It had all the functionality your product team planned for. And that UI? Amazing!

    BUT, are users using it? Do they like it?

    With UserIQ, you'll know this. You'll also be able to identify where the friction is and reach out in-app to drive product adoption.

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    UserIQ — By the Numbers

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    Know Where Users Struggle and Thrive

    Want to see the nitty-gritty on logins? Or, how a user interacted with a particular feature before and after your recent update?

    UserIQ does that and more, so you can understand how usage patterns equate to account risk. 

    Intelligence Platform
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    Drill Down or Expand Out

    Thanks to product intelligence and reporting, your team can easily slice and dice your way through the noise and come out with insight. With UserIQ, product managers can quickly:

    • Define user segments
    • Create customer journey paths
    • Analyze customer sentiment and its effect on usage

    Hey, you built it. Make sure they're using your creation the way you intended.

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    Make Product Decisions with Customer Sentiment

    With UserIQ, product teams can gather customer feedback via in-app surveys on product usage. Here's just a sample of what you can do:


    • Predict how sentiment is a leading indicator of churn
    • Establish frictionless onboarding processes
    • Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

    Your product is the heart of everything. Your product team now has a platform to ensure you're making accurate data-based decisions.
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    Insights for Your Product Team

    You build things. We build things. Let's learn things together.

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    You built it — UserIQ will get them using it

    Schedule a UserIQ demo to see how your team can better understand feature usage, engage with users and make data-based product decisions.

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