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    Customer Success is a Profit Center

    Don’t wait until your next leadership meeting to hear how your customers are doing. The UserIQ platform can easily give the C-suite a contextual snapshot of your customer base and customer success program to make smarter decisions.

    With UserIQ, you can uncover trends to see your customer success investment pay off in spades.

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    Are You Driving Long-Term Adoption ... Or Just Short-Term Wins?

    If you're like most SaaS executives — 75% according to UserIQ research — you're inundated with adoption initiatives. At the same time, your CS team might not have a scalable adoption program in place. With the UserIQ customer success platform, you'll accomplish this and have powerful insights into customer health for long-term growth. 

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    UserIQ Platform Results

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    Predict Churn and Retention

    UserIQ Intelligence shows how customers benefit from your software, helping you refine business and product strategy for your team. Whether you're the one reporting — or the one being reported to — easy-to-understand product use data will help you make confident decisions, quicker.

    Intelligence Platform
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    Bolster Decisions with Customer Feedback

    With in-app VoC analysis tools, you can advise teams on strategy with sentiment and science. Seeing changes in customer feedback will help you shape strategy for marketing, CS, product and sales.


    In-App VoC

    Clear Views, No Deep Dive Needed

    You don’t need a stack of detailed reports. You need key insights powered by actionable data. The customer health dashboard from UserIQ is your one-stop shop for insights into user behavior and user satisfaction.  

    Health Platform

    Insights for CSMs and the C-Suite

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    Customer success is vital for SaaS growth

    That's why your CS team needs a tool for better decision making. See how UserIQ can help the C-suite develop growth strategies.

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