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    End the Guesswork with Customer Reporting

    Guesswork = messwork, friends.

    With UserIQ Reporting, you'll know what your customers are up to with data storytelling and visualizations — no interpretation needed.

    Powered by Domo, one of the most respected analytics engines on the market, your customer success team will enjoy visual insights into adoption, tickets and more.

    When data is this easy to understand, you’ll simply know your next step. Guessing? We're guessing it's no longer in your future.

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    1,000+ Integrations Love sourcing data from a gazillion places? That's cool if you do. But for everyone else, UserIQ helps you connect with more than 1,000 of your favorite applications for a single source of truth.
    Powered by Domo When you log into UserIQ, you're also getting an elite analytics platform — Domo. This means you'll have the most powerful customer success analytics tool on the market to drive decision-making.
    Build Your Own Reports Is there really such a thing as "typical" in customer success? That's why UserIQ Reporting gives you visual tools and advanced filtering to deliver the report you want with the data you need.

    How Can You Use the Most Powerful Analytics Tool in Customer Success?

    Delving through data isn't fun. But with UserIQ Reporting, answers jump off the screen. In one quick glance, you'll:

    • Identify the most active users.  
    • See which features aren't being used.
    • Know how long it takes users to interact with your top feature. 
    • Build visualizations to tell the missing story. 
    • Enjoy data from Salesforce, Mailchimp, Pendo and hundreds of other platforms — in one spot. 
    • Drill down on what issues are causing tickets.
    • Analyze how tickets impact your customers.
    Ticket Insights

    Ticket Insights

    How much ARR is tied into accounts with tickets? Which accounts are being serviced the most? What types of tickets are open?

    These are just a handful of questions you can have answered — visually — to adjust your tactics.

    Ticket volume is a churn indicator. With the Ticket Insights dashboard from UserIQ, you'll get a handle on user issues quickly to turn that churn into a renewal. 

    Adoption Insights 1 (1)

    Adoption Insights

    Adoption Insights is one of the exciting dashboards available in UserIQ Reporting.

    These insights were created for action:

    You might adjust your onboarding strategy by seeing a visual chart on how long it takes customers to engage with top features. Or, you may start an in-app education campaign by seeing which features are being under-utilized. There's even a graph to tell you which users may be slipping away based on usage. 


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    If You Can Dream It, You Can Build It

    With UserIQ Reporting, you can create reports that are unique to your situation by taking advantage of advanced filtering. Want to see feature usage by CSM? Or tickets by plan type? We got you covered. 

    In addition, you won't have to recreate the wheel for your presentations. You can export and share your reports to anyone who wants to see them. 

    Thanks to UserIQ we know more about our clients in days than we have known in years."

    Allison G.

    Director of Operations at Pairin

    CS Insights, Fresh Off the Digital Presses

    UserIQ has wicked-smart customer success ebooks at your disposal

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    HOW TO REDUCE CHURN Learn about churn
    UNDERSTANDING HEALTH Learn about health scores
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    Less guessing, more predicting

    See how health scores and customer reporting from UserIQ will help you understand user behavior and forecast change.

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