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    Customer Success Tech is No Longer a 'Nice to Have'

    Customer success teams STILL fight for that proverbial seat at the table despite the fact they usually bring in more revenue than sales.

    The good news? The C-suite increasingly gets this. Thats why execs are demanding results.

    UserIQ is the one CS platform that will help you glean customer insight, engage with users and drive product adoption — in one app. Are you ready to drive growth? Of course you are.

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    Your Success is Their Success 

    We get it. As a CSM or customer success leader, you have accounts to serve, product issues to deal with and renewal numbers to make. Your team is a revenue driver. UserIQ will make your job easier. It's the only CS platform designed to help you understand user behavior, directly impact feature adoption and engage with users. 

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    What's the ROI of UserIQ, Anyway?

    0Days Average time for first win See UserIQ Pricing
    0% Jump in feature usage for one customer See Customer Story
    0x Increase in NPS response for one customer See Customer Story
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    Guided Product Tours

    Start your new accounts off right with UserIQ onboarding. With this in-app functionality, your customer success team can:

    • Create self-service onboarding tutorials, guides and tooltips
    • Target users to showcase new features and products
    • Monitor feature adoption to inform future engagements
    Engagement Platform

    UserIQ Health Scoring

    Thanks to UserIQ, you can slice and dice your way to exceptional customer insight. Here's what your CS team can do with the health score dashboard:


    • Know what problems you need to focus on, thanks to easy to read customer insights
    • Drill down on account needs
    • Steer users to features they will benefit from 
    Health Platform
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    Purpose-Driven Plays

    With UserIQ Plays, you'll have an outcome-driven, consistent plan of attack for any scenario. It's easy to:


    • Build automated plays for any scenario or "trigger"
    • Know which plays are working to accomplish your goals
    • Prioritize which plays in flight need your attention

    Plays Platform

    For Your Customer Success Team

    Always informative, never boring. Check out a UserIQ ebook today.

    USER ONBOARDING 101 Learn about onboarding
    HOW TO REDUCE CHURN Learn about customer churn
    HEALTH SCORE INFOGRAPHIC 8 steps to health score success
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    This customer success platform can be yours

    Customer success is company success, folks. With UserIQ, you can prove it. See how today.

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