Guesswork = Messwork

    Product usage details. Customer sentiment. Account snapshots. Everything you need for a high user IQ.

    With UserIQ Intelligence, you’ll know what makes customers tick. You’ll end the messwork. AND you’ll know your next step. We’re guessing that guessing is no longer in your future.

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    Slice and Dice Your Data Create unlimited segmentation to know which features resonate and which ones don’t. Yeah, user behavior is complicated. UserIQ makes it clearer.
    Monitor Usage Trends You can analyze produce usage to see sticking points. Take action before a user has to ask. With UserIQ, it’s OK being a snoop. Snoop away, we say.
    Identify Churn Indicators One customer's a power user. The other, a churn risk. With UserIQ Intelligence you'll know the reasons why and pivot accordingly.

    Guess Less,
    Know More

    Thanks to product usage analytics, you can drill down to any segment to know how customers use particular features.

    With UserIQ intelligence tools, health scoring and in-app communications, you’ll drive product usage and prevent problems before they arise.

    Knowing > guessing, folks.


    Customer Success, Behind the Wheel

    Subjective user feedback and objective intelligence make up your user IQ.

    With UserIQ sentiment tools — like NPS surveys — you can measure how customers feel over time. Combined with health scores, your customer success team will impact business growth. Brilliant!

    VoC & NPS

    Thanks to UserIQ we know more about our clients in days than we have known in years."

    Allison G.

    Director of Operations at Pairin

    CS Insights, Fresh Off the Digital Presses

    UserIQ has wicked-smart customer success ebooks at your disposal

    USER ONBOARDING 101 Learn about onboarding
    HOW TO REDUCE CHURN Learn about churn
    UNDERSTANDING HEALTH Learn about health scores
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    Less guessing, more predicting

    See how Intelligence features from UserIQ will help you understand user behavior and forecast change.

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