User Segmentation

    Actionable User Segmentation Tools to Power Your Strategy

    Your data is only as valuable as the decisions you
    can make with it. Our intuitive user segmentation
    tools offer a simple way to target your audience
    and determine the best customer success
    strategies for them.

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    User Segmentation Gives Context to Your Data and Helps Create Personalized User Experiences

    Personalized experiences are powerful experiences. Tailoring in-app engagements leads to more engaged users in the short term and reduces churn in the long run. With UserIQ’s advanced user segmentation tools, you can easily slice and dice product usage analytics for each one of your unique audiences and deliver the right message to the right user at the right time.

    Create Custom Segments For Detailed Data Analysis

    Create custom segments based on a limitless combination of in-app behaviors, user data, and demographics to analyze usage data like never before. With these tools, see data points such as feature interaction by job role, NPS score variation by company size, login frequency by customer health score, and much more.


    Observe And Understand How Each Segment Uses Your Product

    UserIQ monitors when each of your custom user segments is accessing your site, which features they are using, how many pages they view, and more. With your data already sorted into aggregate groups, you’ll be able to compare engagement and churn risks between types of users quickly.


    Create Personalized Onboarding Flows For Each Audience

    Onboarding is a critical time for getting new users engaged and quickly seeing value. With user segmentation, you can customize their onboarding experience based on any number of factors. Engagements can also be set up to progress as a user completes milestones within the app so you can deliver the ideal onboarding experience to ensure success every time.


    Reduce Churn With Highly Tailored In-App Engagements

    Once you’ve created a custom audience and analyzed their behavior, UserIQ lets you develop in-app campaigns that help get users hooked on your platform—making them less likely to churn. Deliver personalized in-app engagements, customized onboarding guidance at scale, and targeted satisfaction surveys so each user feels like your product was built just for them (because it was).


    UserIQ is an enormously effective tool for assisting, understanding and communicating with our customers. The biggest benefit I get is being able to segment my users by almost any metric so that I can customize programs and campaigns for more surgical precision. There are other companies that have similar products, but UserIQ has proved to be very nimble and able to make changes and improvements at a much faster pace than others.

    Tim T.

    Senior Director of Product Management & Strategy, ControlScan

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