Your Next Generation Customer Success Platform

    Legacy customer success tools are complex, cumbersome to manage and expensive. UserIQ takes a fresh approach.

    Our single-stack tool for customer success combines everything you need (NPS, VoC, playbooks, digital adoption and business intelligence), reduces implementation complexity and was designed for ease of use.

    UserIQ is the data-driven customer success software focused on providing actionable insights and delivering demonstrable results.

    We designed UserIQ with the end user in mind. So every step of the way, our software is intuitive and easy for anyone on the team to pick up quickly.

    With UserIQ, you'll:

    • See faster time to value with customized onboarding
    • Watch your team move smarter and faster by using playbooks, health scoring and in-app engagements that are integrated seamlessly
    • Know what your customers are up to and put an end to "guesswork" with reporting dashboards that require no interpretation

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    Here's a Quick Look at What UserIQ Can Do


    Still Not Convinced?

    UserIQ is laser-focused on offering insights you can actually use and engagement tools to do something about it. 

    We're THE all-in-one customer success platform that enables your team to:

    • Automate workflows to drive repeatable success
    • Monitor customer health – and easily identify accounts that need attention
    • Launch targeted announcements, tours and tooltips based on unlimited filters
    • Analyze user behavior for a 360-degree view of your customers

    Don't Just Take Our Word For It

    We serve growing SaaS companies that need customer success and product adoption functionality. You could be one of them.

    We signed up for a demo of UserIQ and were blown away by what it could do both behind the scenes and as far as in-app engagements go.

    Megan C.

    Customer Success Manager, TechSmith


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