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    With the UserIQ customer success platform, you’ll end the guesswork, drive adoption and cut churn. Want to improve your user IQ? Schedule a demo today.

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    We signed up for a demo of UserIQ and were blown away by what it could do both behind the scenes and as far as in-app engagements go.

    Megan C.

    Customer Success Manager, TechSmith

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    UserIQ is laser-focused on offering insights you can actually use and engagement tools to do something about it.

    Health Dashboard With the UserIQ health dashboard, you’ll see clearer signals and take faster action.
    Analytics Thanks to analytics, you’ll understand how customers use your software.
    Messaging Strategy Improve onboarding and adoption with the perfect in-app message strategy.

    Before UserIQ, we were acting like firefighters… Now… we’re able to prioritize what we do, who we target and when we act.

    Carl Veillette

    Co-Founder and VP, BIM One