NPS Survey graphicWhen I completed my tax returns using TurboTax in April, I was immediately taken to a page asking me for my feedback, including the question, “How likely would you be to recommend TurboTax products to your friends, family or colleagues?” To be honest, I didn’t feel like giving the highest score given some troubles with my recent experience, but it was interesting for them to ask right after my experience, while it was fresh in my mind.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that TurboTax was tackling a moment of truth, specifically the most critical moment for Turbo Tax, the moment I completed and submitted my taxes. As stated in a previous blog post, moments of truth are the interactions in which customers put a high amount of energy to reach a satisfactory outcome, such as a first impression or a major customer service inquiry. These interactions can have a significant impact on how users view a service or a firm, polarizing one’s opinion to negative or positive.

These moments of truth can be the deciding factors in a customer’s loyalty. Often times, a first impression is a key moment of truth. First impressions are incredibly important because they decide how we “judge subsequent information.” A good first impression can mean the difference between a loyal customer with high satisfaction and a dissatisfied customer who never comes back. For example, 91% of dissatisfied customers leave a company never to return. These major moments in a customer or user’s experience with a product are the deciding factors in brand and product loyalty.

With that in mind, moments of truth can be crucial in the accuracy of NPS best practices and surveys. Online survey giant SurveyMonkey suggests users “Choose important touch points (like when you complete a sale)” when conducting an NPS survey. “You’ll have a better chance of getting valuable information while it’s fresh in your customers’ minds.”

In conclusion, while it may be easier to have general times for conducting NPS surveys, such as the end of each quarter or year, it may be most effective to survey a user during a moment of truth, a moment that can sway one’s opinion to positive or negative.

With UserIQ’s in-app NPS survey’s, you have the ability to deliver an NPS survey at the most critical moments or truth, while your users are using your application.

What are your moments of truth?