July 14, 2021

    Virtual Event: Project Management for Customer Success Types


    UserIQ webinar

    Customer success professionals are all too familiar with the weight of the workload this industry carries. 

    On any given day you are tasked with connecting to an average of 50+ plus accounts to:

    • Bolster customer confidence in the solution
    • Increase upselling and cross-selling efforts
    • Keep track of your growing to-do list

    Thankfully, we have a webinar — featuring customer success and project management experts — to help. 

    Join us July 22 at 2:00 PM ET to keep you on track.

    In this customer success / project management webinar, you’ll learn:

    • How to set your goals and priorities 
    • Easy ways to automate tasks and stay on track
    • How to track and report performance 

    Special guests include:

    Kate Current, Head of Delivery & Customer Success at Novidea.

    And …

    Ashna Patel, Manager of Customer Success at Ascent Cloud & Co-founder of CS Insider.

    Save your seat now: “Taming Your To-Do’s”

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