October 14, 2021

    UserIQ Plays — It's a Thing

    Plays task UI shot-1Playbooks: Sales teams have em. So do sports teams. 

    With the launch of UserIQ Plays, customer success teams can now benefit from purpose-driven tasks. 

    Plays, in case you don't know, are repeatable tasks based on pre-determined events, or "triggers". Tasks are automatically loaded when the event happens. 

    Some benefits of UserIQ Plays include:

    • Reducing complexity of finding triggers and acting on them.
    • Driving consistency through repeatability.
    • Automatically assigning plays to CSMs and analyzing how effective they are. 

    About those triggers

    We're continually adding triggers and have loaded more than 20 of the most common in Version 1. 

    Is your account 90 days from renewal? Has your account been downgraded to "severe"? Has your account not logged in since the Pleistocene Epoch?

    You can totally have a play for that! 

    Here's our suggested play for an account that gave you an "8" or above on your NPS survey:

    1. Review any available NPS comments.
    2. Review Account Details and any recent activity.
    3. Share feedback with marketing to identify the opportunity for brand advocacy through a casestudy or testimonial.
    4. Leverage an in-app engagement to request a public (G2) review.
    5. Schedule follow-up meeting with the customer to determine next steps.

    Does your team currently use playbooks Webinar poll infographic-1We believe all customer success teams, regardless of size, should have plays set up. But in a recent webinar, we found that they aren't as common as they should be. Nearly 70% of survey takers said they didn't use them.

    UserIQ differences

    So, why should YOUR customer success team opt for UserIQ Plays?

    This CS platform can trigger plays based on in-app engagements such as onboarding tours, NPS surveys, tooltips and surveys. 

    In addition, it's actually fun building these things. The play builder includes drag and drop elements so you can easily visualize a play — just like you'd visualize a journey map. 

    You can also measure how successful your team is at executing a particular play and fine-tune it to achieve a higher completion rate. 

    If you're a customer, or just want to learn more, you can schedule a demo here to see how UserIQ Plays can help you play more, work less and drive consistency across your entire team. 

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