Selecting a customer success platform is no easy task. There are many considerations and tons of point solutions out there claiming to have what you need. To aid in your decision-making, here are the top 10 reasons that UserIQ customers choose our platform to help their companies to center on customer success.

#10. Because knowing your users is our biggest priority

We named our company UserIQ for a reason. We arm you with the in-app usage and demographic data you need to understand, segment, and communicate with your users in the best way possible across their entire digital experience.

#9. Because UserIQ makes in-app campaigns and user engagement easy

It’s critical to engage with users while they’re logged into your application to capture their attention and help them realize value from your product quickly. Campaigns like guided tours, announcements, and launchers improve user adoption and engagement within your platform.

#8. Because customer health is more than just an NPS score

UserIQ collects customer feedback through multiple types of surveys—not just NPS. Plus, our customer health score proactively tracks key churn indicators so you always have a comprehensive snapshot of how your customers are doing at any given time.

#7. Because our platform makes an impact on your bottom line 

UserIQ customers have identified more than 10 ways to yield quantifiable ROI from our solution. One customer was able to reduce customer onboarding time by 15 hours a month (that’s over 8% of a CSM’s monthly bandwidth!). You can literally bank on UserIQ to help maximize customer success resources and reduce churn.

#6. Because customer success shouldn’t solely be for web applications

UserIQ supports in-app engagements and captures user insights within your mobile apps, in addition to our web offering. Customer success initiatives shouldn’t stop simply because your users have shut down their laptops. Mobile analytics are a must in today’s increasingly device-driven world.




#5. Because we want to share our UserIQ expertise any way we can

UserIQ offers professional services to any customer who may be short on bandwidth or has a time-sensitive project that they need help with. IQ Services help customers get a jump start and supplement their customer success initiatives.

#4. Because other platforms don’t offer a trial with our same level of service

We’re so confident in our platform, we’ll let you give it a try, commitment-free. And, unlike other demo experiences, the UserIQ team won’t just leave you to fend for yourself. We work with each of our trial customers to give them a great start to their UserIQ experience.


#3. Because we bend over backwards for our customers 

What UserIQ lacks in size, it makes up for in its agility and flexibility in serving customers. We give the same amount of time and attention to each of our customersno matter how big they are or how much they spend with us. With UserIQ, you’ll get your questions answered quickly so you can keep forging ahead with your customer success strategy!

#2. Because UserIQ’s customer success team is one of the best in the biz

Our customer success team gets rave reviews. That’s because they’re experts in what they do and, best of all, they have the UserIQ platform at their fingertips, so they’re tracking your progress and proactively helping you reach your business goals.

#1. Because UserIQ gives you user intelligence, in-app campaigns, and customer health ALL IN ONE PLATFORM!

UserIQ’s comprehensive platform powers your team with the insights to understand your customers and stay ahead of their needs, the in-app engagements to communicate with users at just the right time, and the customer health features to keep tabs on how users are doing. The bonus? You can get started right away (no 6 to 9 month implementations here).

Want to check out UserIQ’s platform for yourself? Schedule a demo with us today.