Brings over 15 years of experience and enthusiasm for customer growth to UserIQ

Lawton Ursrey, Customer Growth Architect Atlanta, GA, March 16, 2017 – UserIQ, a Customer Growth Platform™ that empowers SaaS companies to foster growth beyond the funnel, announced the addition of Lawton Ursrey to its leadership team as customer growth architect. Ursrey joins UserIQ from Sage One, a cloud accounting and invoicing application for small businesses, where he created and led Sage One’s customer success team. As a respected industry thought leader, Ursrey is a regular columnist and contributes his viewpoints and expertise to Forbes, Fortune Magazine, and Entrepreneur.

“My career has been focused on helping entrepreneurs overcome business challenges, many of which are closely tied to customer growth,” said Lawton Ursrey, customer growth architect for UserIQ. “Outside of addressing unmet market needs, the success of many cloud solutions is predicated on how well they remove guesswork from their organization. UserIQ’s platform gives cloud businesses a “superpower” by removing that guesswork and leading to sustainable and predictable customer growth—putting goals like net negative churn within reach. Without a platform like UserIQ to track the many stages and touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle, guesswork persists and leaves a substantial amount of unrealized growth on the table.”

Ursrey’s experience includes leadership, sales, product marketing and customer success roles across a wide variety of industries and business types, both in the U.S. and globally. During his time at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ursrey provided guidance and process assurance to a few of its Fortune 100 companies. As the founder of multiple businesses himself, Ursrey has a first-hand understanding of the challenges growing businesses face.  

In his role as customer growth architect, Ursrey will work as an advisor to UserIQ’s client base, helping them plan for success and growth by blueprinting a cohesive customer journey, from buyer to loyal advocate.  

“Increasingly, we’re seeing a shift in the way that companies think about the customer journey and experience,” said Rachel Orston, CEO of UserIQ. “We created this role because we are dedicated to ensuring that every step of the customer journey is creating value. Lawton has a strong background and great deal of experience, but most importantly, he shares this philosophy and we’re excited to have him on board to help our customers define what customer growth looks like for them.”

Read more about Lawton’s vision for the future of customer growth on our blog.

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