August 12, 2021

    Top Eight Plays for Any CSM

    So your third-biggest account hasn't logged in for 90 days. UserIQ_Playbook Illustrations_12

    They've gone dark, MIA, rogue. As a customer success manager, this is where you make your bucks. 

    But ... with potentially 50 or more accounts under your belt ... would you have immediately known about this account's inaction in the first place? Would you have had repeatable steps lined up for immediate execution?

    That's where plays come in. And that's why we have a guide for the top eight plays  you should have lined up for your team.  

    Your playbook

    These plays are tested on the field and are a solid place to start when crafting your own playbook. They include:

    1. Onboarding time
    2. Renewal time
    3. Low feature usage
    4. Low percentage usage
    5. Low NPS
    6. High NPS
    7. Churn notice
    8. Leader involvement needed

    What's a customer success play?

    Plays are repeatable tasks based on pre-determined events or "triggers". They can be automatically assigned to relevant CSMs. And the results can be analyzed for effectiveness. 

    If, for example, your play on "low NPS" yielded poor results or was never completed on time, you should re-examine your strategy and pivot. 

    As for the above 90-day example, here's a peek at our recommended play:

    Low NPS trigger

    And for that customer who just gave you a "3" on your NPS survey? Here's your play:

    • Review any available NPS comments
    • Review Account Details and any recent activity
    • Review open tickets
    • Schedule a follow-up meeting with the customer to determine next steps
    • Share feedback internally with leadership
    Want to see the entire playbook? Click here for instant access. 


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