November 5, 2021

    Top Customer Success Influencers and Strategists to Follow

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    Having access to career and industry-related guidance is easier than ever with the help of the digital world. LinkedIn, not without its faults, is still an excellent resource to tap when looking for strategy and inspiration.

    The customer success industry, by comparison, is still in its infancy, so having an online community of support is ideal.

    SuccessHACKER recently named their Top 25 CS Influencer and Top 100 CS Strategists. Take a look below and see who made the list:

    1. Alex Farmer - VP of Customer Success at Cognite Follow on LinkedIn

              "I am not an artist. But when I attend a #QBR where my team is silent for long periods of time and executives from               across the customer business spend the majority of the time aligning on how they're going to further use our                       software to achieve the milestones on our joint success plan, its sure feels like a work of art.

               Remember, QBRs are about getting your customer stakeholders aligned, not about reading out usage data and                   support cases." - Alex Farmer

    2. Ashna Patel - Manager of Customer Success & Customer Support at Ascent Cloud Follow on LinkedIn

              Ashna was a recent panelist on one of our webinars, Taming Your To-do's: Project management tips for CS success.           Check out the recording here.

    3. Ben Winn - Manager, Community & Events at Catalyst Software Follow on LinkedIn

    4. Brian Hartley - Senior Director, Customer Success at RFP360 Follow on LinkedIn

    5. Christian Jakenfelds - Field Researcher in Customer Success at Planhat Follow on LinkedIn

    6. Dave Jackson - Chief Customer Officer at Deep Crawl Follow on LinkedIn

    7. Diana De Jesus - Customer Success Manager at Catalyst Software Follow on LinkedIn

              "The #1 challenge when coming from a Support role to #CustomerSuccess is that "solutions-driven" mindset

               In Support, it's all about

               In CS, if you're solving ALL of the time, you're not being strategic" - Diana De Jesus

    8. Ed Powers - Principal Consultant, Independent Consultant Follow on LinkedIn

    9. Emilia D'Anzica - Founder, Customer Success Consulting Growth Molecules Follow on LinkedIn

    10. Jeff Breunsbach - Co-Founder of Gain Grow Retain Follow on LinkedIn

    11. Jeff Heckler - Director of Customer Success Solutions at MarketSource Follow on LinkedIn

    12. Jeremy Donaldson - Team Lead, Customer Success at NTT Application Follow on LinkedIn

              Jeremy is a panelist for an upcoming webinar, View From The Top: How to climb the ladder and build a killer                        career in CS. Save your seat here.

    13. Kristen Hayer - Founder & CEO at The Success League Follow on LinkedIn

    14. Kristi Faltorusso - VP of Customer Success at ClientSuccess Follow on LinkedIn

    15. Maranda Dziekonski - Chief Customer Officer at Swiftly Follow on LinkedIn

              Maranda is a panelist for an upcoming webinar, View From The Top: How to climb the ladder and build a killer                      career in CS. Save your seat here.

    16. Matt Myszkowski - Vice President, Customer Experience, EMEA at Cision Follow on LinkedIn

    17. Megan Bowen - COO & CCO at Refine Labs Follow on LinkedIn

    18. Nick Mehta - CEO at Gainsight Follow on LinkedIn

    19. Nils Vinje - Founder, CEO, and Leadership Coach at 30-Day Leadership Follow on LinkedIn

              Check out the 30 Day Leadership Podcast here.

    20. Or Guz - Senior Director, Global Customer Success and Operations at Perimeter X Follow on LinkedIn

    21. Peter Armaly - Senior Director, Customer Enablement and Thought Leadership at Oracle Follow on LinkedIn

    22. Rav Dhaliwal - Investor and Venture Partner at Crane Venture Partners Follow on LinkedIn

    23. Rick Adams - Author, Trainer, Consultant and Business Owner, Follow on LinkedIn

    24. Wayne McCulloch - Chief Customer Officer at WalkMe Follow on LinkedIn

    25. Ziv Peled - Chief Customer Officer at AppsFlyer Follow on LinkedIn

              "Being mentored will teach you a lot.
               So does BEING a mentor.
               If you're not teaching others, you're missing one hell of a lesson" - Ziv Peled

    Top 100 strategist Special Shoutouts

    Check out the full list here. 

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