December 22, 2021

    The 'Why' Behind Your Health Score: Introducing Daily Usage Trends

    Untitled design - 2022-02-02T145725.423Any health score dashboard will tell you when an account's score goes up or down.

    With UserIQ, your Scorecard takes your health score deeper. It can show you that sentiment is up 10 points, for example. Or that usage is down 20%. Or that open ticket volume is WAY up.

    Ready to drill down even further? 

    Now, for the December 2021 update, your Scorecard offers daily data points. The points, visible on a "sparkline" graph, show you daily trends over a monthly period. 

    With this functionality, your customer success team can get even more proactive.

    For example —

    You might notice that everything went downhill Dec. 7. Or, conversely, that product adoption skyrocketed on the day of your product update. 

    Or, you can drill down even further and see that NPS and ratings surveys under "sentiment" are up but that micro feedback is down. 

    And so on.

    Hard data drives immediate action

    This insight into daily usage is made even more powerful by weighting.

    health weightinghealth weightingUserIQ calculates a health score to reflect and predict the level of risk associated with each account so that your customer success team can take action sooner. The health score is calculated on a range of 0 to 100. A healthy account will have a high health score close to 100. An at-risk account, meanwhile, will have a health score closer to 0. 

    You can configure the importance of each category — sentiment, adoption, open tickets and renewal date — to give you a custom analysis. 

    With this granular view, you'll pinpoint areas of concern and have actionable data at your disposal to actually do something about it ...

    Long before renewal time. 

    We believe "my best guess" should not part of a customer success pro's vernacular. UserIQ is committed to making that a reality. 


    Want to see granular health score insights in action? Schedule a demo today. 


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