Health score e-book

Is your health score program a source of truth? Or is it more like a prognostication from a certain groundhog in Pennsylvania?


Only 39% accurate. Source: STORMFAX

Despite a SaaS account’s good health score, according to the newest e-book from UserIQ, one customer in that account may find your software impossible to use. Another may not even know about your No. 1 feature.

The reverse scenario is also true — bad health scores with happy customers.

Often less than 40% of customer success professionals actually trust their own health scores.

So many CS teams struggle with this confidence because there are so many reasons why health scores go bad:

  • Improperly set customer success and product adoption benchmarks.
  • Overly complex health score criteria.
  • Lack of clarity in the health score logic itself.

So, how should you set up benchmarks? How should you simplify things? How does one get a health score program started in the first place?

Find your answers right here.

And for a fast fact, this customer health score e-book is easy to read, totally free and will lead to far more accuracy than a groundhog.