January 17, 2022

    The 'As the World Churns' Customer Success Podcast is Live

    Untitled design - 2022-02-02T145339.635The genesis for our new podcast, "As the World Churns" is two-fold:

    Saving a customer from the dark depths of churn can feel like melodrama.

    And we all, customer success types included, have limited time.

    That's why we named our podcast after the seminal soap opera which ran for 54 years. Also, every episode is around 20 minutes.

    Our first season, which drops today, January 17, examines:

    • CSMing with a bad product
    • How analytics can lead to more renewals
    • How to use personality archetypes to your advantage
    • High-tech vs high-touch onboarding
    • How to spot red flags in your next CSM interview 

    ... And more.

    Customer success podcast format

    For Season 1, we're publishing three at once and one every week after that for a total of eight episodes. 

    Our guests include some of the top minds in customer success:

    It's hosted by Justin Rubner, Director of Brand and Content at UserIQ.

    Want to give "As the World Churns" a listen? Of course you do! It's only 20 minutes. 



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