September 3, 2021

    Ten Reasons to Pick UserIQ

    Ingridtop10So, you’ve decided your customer success team needs smarter technology to identify risk, engage with users and drive retention. Now for the hard part — selecting a CS platform. Actually, it’s not that hard.

    Here’s why the UserIQ customer success platform is the perfect choice for scaling SaaS companies:

    Because we offer a comprehensive solution

    You can finally cut down on vendors (and nickel and diming). With UserIQ, you’ll enjoy health insights, account management and deep reporting. In one spot. For one price.

    Because UserIQ is about action

    You may have data. But do you know what to do with it? We’re laser-focused on offering insights you can use and engagement tools to do something about it.

    Because UserIQ offers a holistic approach to health

    How much faith do you have in your customer health score? Our health dashboard includes VoC sentiment and accurate product usage data to help you decide who needs attention now.

    Because your own CSM is included

    We’re committed to your growth. That’s why every UserIQ account gets a CSM at no extra charge — no strings attached. Your CSM is well-trained to help you meet your retention and expansion goals.

    Because UserIQ is ridiculously easy

    We’re not naming names. But unlike other CS platforms, you’ll be up and running in no time. And you certainly won’t need an admin or dedicated CS ops person.

    Because UserIQ gives you the power to predict account behavior

    See who is in danger of churning. Accurately forecast renewals. Put that insight into motion. Power’s nice and all. But use it wisely, friends.

    Because we offer data you can see

    Smart data visualization helps you easily spot support ticket problems, feature adoption opportunities and more. And are you still exporting data into spreadsheets? With the soon-to-be released UserIQ Reporting, that will be ancient history.

    Because we make connections

    Are you relying on emails? Thanks to UserIQ in-app product tours and tooltips, you can target your messages to customers when they’re most likely to see them — while they’re using your product.

    Because UserIQ Plays help you work less

    To scale, you need automation and the ability to pivot. Thanks to drag and drop visual tasks, you'll know which tactics work, which CSMs are rocking it, and drive repeatable tasks for the entire team.

    AND the NO. 1 reason why smart customer success teams are choosing UserIQ?

    Because your first win is around the corner

    Vendors love to talk about ROI. But when a platform is this easy to implement, you'll simply see results quicker. With us, most customers see their first win within 17 days.

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