February 1, 2022

    Software Integrations for Your Customer Success Team

    Disparate data sources are the leading cause of headache among your leadership team. Trust us. 

    As the SaaS world evolves and new software solutions become available to solve our business needs, the demand for system integrations grows stronger. For every new platform incorporated into your tech stack without a working integration, one more data silo is created and the stock in Advil goes up. Untitled design (4)-2

    However, the answer isn’t always to de-diversify your tech stack. It’s likely better data integration.

    Better data integration gives your organization:

    Enhanced Analytics

    Integrating multiple data sources will give your teams a more well-rounded view of your customer and your company. Our latest feature release, UserIQ Reporting integrates with over 1,000 of your favorite platforms already in use by your team.

    UserIQ Reporting is powered by Domo, a modern business intelligence tool with proven wins in the analytics and data integration arena. 

    This allows for the creation of a single source of truth. Data you know you can trust. 

    Analytics at your company shouldn’t look like a hodgepodge of arts and crafts. Sleek and digestible is the name of the game in 2022. 

    All Your Favorite Tools Talk to Each Other

    Software integrations give your platforms a direct line to each other.

    Here are the top 10 most popular integrations powered by UserIQ Reporting:

    1. HubSpot - Make sure marketing efforts are aligned with CS and track all touchpoints with your customer.
    2. Salesforce - Have instant access to client and account data within your customer success platform. 
    3. Zendesk - Manage customer communication and support while tracking activity.
    4. Jira Software - Track support tickets, bugs and issues.
    5. Slack - Internal communication for your team.
    6. Pendo - Product adoption and usage tracking.
    7. Outlook - Email and calendar access within the platform.
    8. Gmail - Same as above, only Google style. 
    9. NetSuite - Connect your business management platform.
    10. Mailchimp - Insight into contact management practices. 

    Better Customer Experience

    The more you can remove roadblocks and make every touchpoint with your customer seamless, the better their overall experience will be. This is a hallmark of the customer success industry.

    Have you ever been on the phone with Comcast support (trick question, of course you have) and the automated voice on the other end asks you to type in your account number? So you scramble to find the latest bill in your inbox and frantically punch in that 10-digit number? And then once you finally reach a live support rep they ask for your 10-digit account number?! Congratulations, your blood pressure just went up ten points.

    That entire anger-inducing situation is what’s known as a roadblock for the customer. Something that can be avoided with the right software integrations. 

    Improved Collaboration 

    Tired of only seeing part of the story? Missing data points from the tools that other departments within your organization are using will cause missteps in your decision-making and negatively impact your ability to plan. Working integrations allow you to share data and break down interdepartmental barriers.

    What if we never saw Dr. Hammond extract DNA from that fossil? We’d be like, where’d all these dinosaurs come from? You get my point. 

    Rise in Productivity

    This one’s just simple math. If your team isn’t spending an hour at the end of every day comparing data sources and compiling notes in a spreadsheet, they have more time to focus on what matters.

    Simpler Decisions

    Remember all that talk about enhanced analytics and no more missing data points? That all adds up to an easier decision-making process for your organization. 

    An informed decision is a simple one.

    And for a few bonus points, let’s not forget about all the money you’ll be saving on headache medication. 

    So we know what awaits when you integrate different types of software, but how do we achieve it?

    It’s simple. Native integrations backed by proven API capabilities. Basically, all this means is that the technical part doesn’t have to be so technical. We pride ourselves on delivering a stress-free setup with your favorite tools.

    Virtually every business function is available for integration with UserIQ Reporting. Your CRM, support tickets, email, calendars, product usage, finance and team collaboration tools will feed into your customer success platform. Welcome to the holy grail of data. 

    Learn more about what we’re doing with integrations here.

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