July 7, 2021

    Simplification: A Lesson for Onboarding and Beyond

    What’s a user onboarding mantra that any CSM can live by?

    If you ask Brian Nicholls, VP of Customer Success at UserIQ, it’s simplification.

    Nicholls was recently featured on CS Insider, a popular online community for customer success professionals, and asked this very question. 


    Brian Nicholls, UserIQ


    His lessons can be applied when curating the ideal onboarding experience for your customer. He says they also can be applied to your professional career.    

    Trying to accomplish everything at the start of your journey, Nicholls says, will not garner the best results for the customer. It’s best to start small. Prioritize your top ideas and give them your undivided attention to find success. 

    Here are three onboarding principles he and his CS team at UserIQ abide by:

    1. A successful onboarding process needs to be simple for the customer.
    2. It is OK to show the customer multiple features your solution has in the sales process, but the onboarding process should first focus only on two to three features that your customer chooses based on what will drive value for them.
    3. Implement those two to three features at 120%, then (and only then) climb the ladder to the next feature.

    Want more? You can read the entire article on the CS Insider site. 

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