UserIQ customer health dashboard How familiar do these customer success scenarios sound?

  1. Your quarterly renewal forecasts have been more art than science — you simply need more accuracy.
  2. Or, you want to understand why an account you thought was happy unexpectedly gave you a bad NPS score.

Thankfully, you can now turn to the reimagined customer health dashboard from UserIQ.

With the newest release from UserIQ, you won’t only have clear signals — such as health scores — you’ll also know what to do with those signals.

Your team will also get a fresh, comprehensive customer health view that will empower CSMs to build customer relationships, anticipate roadblocks and expand your business.

What This Means For You

customer health dashboard


At a glance: See the biggest gains or losses in customer health score.

This is the new home base for your CS team.

One place to go: Data from disparate sources and limitless filtering give you a comprehensive view of any customer segment.

It’s just so clear: Beautiful data visuals so you can clearly see the important stuff. 

Workflows let you plan your moves: Get the information you need and then immediately have the ability to create campaigns, notate next steps, or access your customer data in more detail.

Make it your own: Customize and save your own views so you always get the good stuff. Clear insights → Proactive CSMs → Happy customers. It’s just that simple.

Never miss moments: Clear and relevant data means that you will never miss key moments in the customer journey. You can be proactive, knowing your users will never slip through the cracks.

So, What’s New?



Drive quick action with sentiment, pulse and more.

Fast Filters – Create and save account filters right on the top on your UserIQ dashboard. Save the views you care about.

Insightful Visuals – Simple, powerful graphs let you spot trends quickly so you can take action. Each graph in UserIQ is driven by a key question around customer health, which allows team members to quickly tease out what’s important.

Enhanced VOC – Customers give feedback in many ways. So, sentiment combines in-app responses from surveys, NPS, and micro-feedback into a unified score to give you a holistic picture of your Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) data.

Account Notes – UserIQ allows customer success teams to quickly create and save notes about their accounts. Give context to data, save tons of time, and share information with your team (and anyone else in your company!).

CSM Pulse – Monitoring customer health through data is critical. But, combine that objective data along with a CSM’s Pulse score, and you truly have a complete picture of customer health.

Interested in learning more about what the UserIQ customer success platform can do for your team? Request a demo.