An easy way to identify who your loyal customers are is through an NPS survey. Earlier this month, we discussed best practices and strategies for executing NPS surveys most effectively. Yet, successful NPS survey deployment doesn’t end with survey completions and results alone. Having a pulse on customer loyalty is vital to the success of B2B SaaS companies today. A loyal customer is more likely to return and they spend, on average, 67% more than a first-time customer, according to Bain. For product marketers and customer experience teams, this means that you must think strategically about how to leverage the insight from NPS surveys to grow customer loyalty. Here are three ways companies can do this.

  1. Partner with Promoters

Users identified as Promoters — those providing a score of 9 or 10 — represent a company’s best advocates and can assist in creating new customer relationships, including successful upsells. These users are willing to go beyond and talk about your product, so why not partner with them? Marketers and customer experience teams should think creatively about how to engage and team up with Promoters.

  1. Ask Promoters for testimonials

Promoters tend to be your “Power Users”. They are true brand loyalists and can act as an external sales team for your company. Take advantage of the fact that these people are vocal and positive about your products and features. For example, add Promoters to a client advisory board where they can provide in-depth insight on product features or give feedback on customer services, business operations, etc. At the very least, companies should look into reaching out to these users to provide quotes, testimonials or make themselves available for successful use cases.

  1. Follow-up with Passive users

There is a certain kind of user identified by NPS scoring called the Passive or middle-of-the-road customer. These are survey respondents who who rank your offering in the 7 – 8 range and aren’t likely to actively recommend your brand. Passive users are important to identify and engage with because they can be more easily convinced to become a Promoter if, and only if, the brand addresses their needs, challenges and goals. This could be as simple as sending an email or following up with a phone call to gain a greater understanding of what features that user finds valuable, or how that user is looking to grow his or her company by leveraging your software. Companies should also consider launching an entire campaign specifically for Passive users.

 Beyond NPS survey deployment

Without question, loyal users can help shape your brand and grow your customer base in ways your marketing team can’t. Understanding types of users – Promoters and Passives – can easily be done through NPS surveys, but companies should go beyond simply identifying them. Targeting and interacting with these customers, as well as by partnering with loyal users to create testimonials and case studies, companies can easily grow customer loyalty if they think more strategically about how to leverage NPS survey insights.

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