What happens throughout the customer journey is just as critical as what happens in the pre-purchase phases. In fact, it may even be more critical because it can drive revenue and help companies cross the chasm to net negative churn—and that’s what we call customer growth.

In order to successfully guide customers through the customer journey and start seeing the positive effects of customer growth, you need a few tools under your belt, like a Customer Growth Platform™. Having a dedicated customer growth solution for your organization equips your team with the knowledge they need to remain proactive throughout each stage of the customer journey so they can drive adoption and retention and increase expansion and advocacy. Here are the four features that are absolutely essential in your customer growth technology:

User Intelligence

Just as sales and marketing teams need data to track leads through the funnel, customer success and product teams need data to track customers throughout the customer journey. Harnessing user intelligence enables the ability to expose pain points and share cross-functional insights across the organization. With a Customer Growth Platform you’ll be able to see which features customers are using and how (as well as a variety of other behavioral and historical data points), so you can help them achieve their Desired Outcome.

Highly-Targeted Engagements

Consider the one place your customers are spending the most time engaging with your company: inside your product. With user intelligence to inform your strategy, send relevant and contextual engagements to drive specific actions in each stage of the customer journey with a variety of campaign types. You’ll also need granular segmentation abilities so you can send the right message to the right user at the right time.

Customer Health

Customer health is a particularly important metric for customer success teams and a key feature of any customer growth technology. Top customer growth solutions will offer the ability to monitor churn indicators, informed by user intelligence, so it’s easy see the complete story of customer health. This comprehensive view allows the organization to assess at-risk accounts and determine where to deploy resources to prevent churn, increase expansions, and create advocates.

CRM Integration

Each interaction you have with your customers should be contextual to their entire relationship with your company. By integrating with a CRM system, like UserIQ does with Salesforce, your sales and marketing data can seamlessly accompany your product and customer data to contextualize the entire customer journey. This way, your data serves as a backbone to client communications and maintains a single system of record that eliminates data silos.

With a dedicated Customer Growth Platform, organizations can track customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle with richer insights, consistent data, and the ability to trigger a variety of engagements based on that data. Rather than dealing with multiple cumbersome tools, having all of these features—user intelligence, highly targeted engagements, customer health, CRM integration—combined in one place ensures customer success teams can remain proactive rather than constantly putting out fires.

UserIQ is a Customer Growth Platform™ that provides all of this and more so you can guide each customer to success. Schedule a demo with us to see UserIQ action.