UserIQ customer journey map webinar

We know the bulk of sustainable revenue comes from the customer’s decision to renew.

So why aren’t we doing more to understand the customer journey? 

Learn how to start your own customer journey May 26 at 2:00 PM ET in a virtual event focused on ways your customer success team can implement and improve the mapping process. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to get started
  • Best practices to follow
  • Common pitfalls to avoid

Special guests include Irit Eizips, CEO of CSM Practice, a customer success consultancy, and Brian Nicholls, VP of Customer Success at UserIQ.

Irit Eizips

Author and speaker Eizips has spent her career in customer success.

Brian Nicholls

Nicholls has led CS teams for more than seven years and recently joined UserIQ.

A customer’s impression of a company starts on Day 1 of the onboarding process, which means the decision to renew their subscription to your solution begins at the same time.

Armed with this knowledge, how can your CS team best leverage customer journey maps to ensure that first interaction is a positive one? 

Understand the why

In order to get the best return on the time investment it takes to create an effective customer journey map, your CS team must understand the myriad benefits it can provide in their customer experience endeavors.

Get the most out of each stage

Following the customer through onboarding, adoption, retention and expansion creates space for your CS team to get creative and provide a world class experience. This will lead to an understanding of the reasons behind your churn rate, and ultimately an increase in customer retention. 

Learn how to measure success

Part of the customer journey mapping process is understanding how to measure the success of your program. It is not enough to simply have a journey map. You cannot be afraid to question the process once it’s in place and evaluate the need for change occasionally.

Don’t overcomplicate 

Too often we see customer success teams overcomplicating their journey maps and adding unnecessary clutter that distracts from the main objective. A delicate balance between including pertinent details and omitting meaningless information is vital when making your journey map. 

Want some more? Grab your seat: “Creating Your Ideal Customer Journey Map”.