October 28, 2021

    Health Scores, Plays and More: UserIQ on a Roll

    HealthIf you're on a customer success team, your choice of tech options is growing more impressive by the day:

    Hubspot, Zendesk, Salesforce, Asana, analytics tools, you name it. Then there's customer success software. 

    The UserIQ customer success platform burst into 2021 with a bang with the release of what we think is the top health score dashboard in the business. UserIQ also launched Tasks and Plays. In addition, the platform itself has undergone massive upgrades to make it scalable for growing CS teams. 

    And there are tons of enhancements around the corner.  

    Health dashboard

    With UserIQ Health, we wanted teams to actually trust the insights they were receiving. That's a seemingly-simple statement. But when you poll folks in the CS industry, that trust isn't there.


    Health score configuration

    One way to trust your health score more is to have diverse insights. UserIQ provides scoring based on user sentiment, CSM opinion (or "pulse") and hard, cold data. 

    Another way to improve trust? Data weighting. 

    With smart data weighting, you can customize health scores based on your company's individual needs.

    You can configure the importance of customer sentiment, adoption, open tickets and renewal dates. Within each category, there are other criteria to fine-tune your weighting even more. For example, you can assign more importance to micro-feedback than NPS. Whatever floats your proverbial boat. 

    Data visualization

    UserIQ health score barbell chart

    Seeing data in context is crucial. The UserIQ health score dashboard offers several powerful data visualization tools. 

    The "bubble" chart (at the top of this post), for instance, shows which accounts need attention now. It maps accounts by health score and color codes them.

    Another powerful tool shows which accounts have registered the biggest swings in health score — for good or bad. It's highly configurable as well. 


    Scorecard - Account Details - Open Tray

    The mantra is actionability. Anyone can provide data. But helping you decide what to do with said data is another level.  Features at your command to take action? Lots. Here are a few:

    • Health score trends
    • On-the-fly note-taking
    • In-app tasks
    • Voice of the Customer trends
    • Recent usage patterns

    In addition, we're adding the ability to drill down to the "why" even further. If your health score dropped, for instance, you'll not only see that sentiment was a big reason but point to the sentiment source for the decline — such as "ratings surveys". 

    A 'game changer'

    You’ll engage customers at scale and discover key business trends by filtering accounts by criteria such as ARR (annual recurring revenue), pulse and daily active time. 

    Then there's how UserIQ Health works with the entire platform. Several users have called the interaction between the health dashboard and in-app engagements a "game changer". 


    With UserIQ Tasks, customer success teams can:

    With the kanban-style project-management board, your CS team can separate tasks by completion status.

    UserIQ Tasks is more than just a pretty list, though. Tasks can be created from UserIQ-generated insights, such as those gathered in the health dashboard.  

    The feature works hand-in-hand with UserIQ Plays. 


    Plays task UI shot-1

    Plays are repeatable tasks based on pre-determined events, or "triggers". Tasks are automatically loaded when the event happens.

    UserIQ Plays reduces complexity and drives consistency through repeatability. 

    How's it different from other customer success plays?

    It can trigger plays based on in-app engagements such as onboarding tours, NPS surveys, tooltips and surveys. 

    The play builder includes drag and drop elements so you can easily visualize a play — just like you'd visualize a journey map. 

    You can also measure how successful your team is at executing a particular play and fine-tune it to achieve a higher completion rate. 

    Making UserIQ Plays even more powerful is notifications. With UserIQ Notifications, your CS team will always know when a task is due or when a play has been assigned to you. These messages, soon available in the upper navigation, are highly configurable to minimize data noise ... in a world that's far too noisy. 


    If you're interested in learning what's around the corner — it's a lot — schedule a no-pressure demo today. 


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