Whether you’re managing one account — or 100 — we’re guessing you wouldn’t mind simplifying your to-do’s.

With UserIQ Tasks, that’s now possible. Available in the new UserIQ Lab, customer success teams can:

Like clicking “done”? The feature offers a kanban-style project-management board for CS teams that helps you separate tasks by completion status.

UserIQ Tasks is more than just a pretty list, though. Tasks can be created from UserIQ-generated insights, such as those gathered in the health dashboard.  

Need to set up a cadence call with detractors? How about connecting the marketing team with advocates? That’s just a start.

UserIQ Tasks

UserIQ Tasks offers a kanban board for CS teams.


Introducing UserIQ Lab

This new feature is available in the UserIQ Lab. As a UserIQ Lab user, you’ll have a direct line to tell developers what you like and what you don’t with new functionality.

As part of our approach to release bite-sized improvements quicker, UserIQ Tasks will include more advanced features and be integrated with other improvements as they come online. Examples include:

  • Integration with notification alerts.
  • More team-wide features such as the ability to assign tasks.
  • And much more down the road.

We think UserIQ Tasks will help you focus on getting more stuff done. Let us know what you think in-app today.

Not yet a customer?  See tasks and other new functionality in action in a pressure-free demo