Customer success conversations are happening everywhere. From blog posts to speaking sessions at conferences, there are endless opportunities to join the conversation. A recent customer success resource we’re loving are podcasts — they’re accessible, real-time, and interactive. Whether you’re looking for advice, inspiration or simply looking to brush up on your skills, here are a few you can tune into on your next car ride.

Customer Strategy Podcast | Nils Vinje

Nils Vinje’s Customer Strategy Podcast has been shaking up some excellent conversations so far this year! Nils brings on leaders from all different types of companies to hear how they approach their customer strategy and then he helps each one maximize their efforts. He uses his tried and true method to coach each participant toward a stronger, healthier customer strategy.

Churn It Up: Customer Success Podcast | Aly Mahan

Churn It Up is a podcast that provides tips and tricks from the best in customer success. It’s perfect for anyone working on the frontlines of customer success or support, and for account managers in any SaaS organization. Aly and guests share lessons learned, successes, and how you can improve your day to day customer success practices. You’ll walk away feeling inspired, educated, and take away actionable items to keep you on track. As their slogan goes — all CS, no BS! Past guests include Irit Eizips, Kimberly Porter, Rachel Jennings and more. Aly Mahan is the Director of Customer Success at

Customer Success Conversations | Adam Joseph

Customer Success Conversations is a podcast series hosted by the founder of, Adam Joseph. On each podcast he is joined by customer success leaders of all levels who provide their views on what it takes to be successful, how to overcome challenges and what trends we expect to shape customer success in the future. Past guests include Jason Noble, Perry Monaco, Matt Myszkowski and more. Adam is the Founder of and CSM Insight.

Strikedeck Radio: Customer Success Live | Kristen Hayer  

Strikedeck Radio is a podcast interview series that covers the intricacies of customer success. Kristen speaks with various leaders and influencers about their experiences, best practices, the state of the profession and more. Past guests include Chad Horenfeldt, Bill Cushard, Lauren Costella and more. Kristen is the Founder and CEO of The Success League.

Value Realized, Customer Success Podcast | Nate Fieldler

The Value Realized, Customer Success Podcast gathers perspectives from various thought leaders who help shape tomorrow’s strategies and tactics. Value Realized caters to individual contributors, managers, directors and leadership in the field by providing examples on how different professions can deliver more value to their customers. You’ll walk away with the tools to build a brand or career in customer success and deliver better customer experiences. Past guests include Kyle Croyle, Dave Duke, Frederik Muller and more. Nate is the Field Customer Success Manager at Box.  

The Customer Success Channel | Planhat

The Customer Success Channel hosts discussions with SaaS entrepreneurs in the global start-up scene. It dives into important and relevant topics to help spread knowledge and answer questions about customer success, engagement, support, and experience. Past guests include Michael Redbord, David Etheredge, Christina Kopka and more.

Customer Bliss: The Human Duct Tape Show | Jeanne Bliss

The Human Duct Tape Show is hosted by Jeanne Bliss, who joins CCOs from around the world as they share how they gain traction in transforming their business, leaders, and operations. You’ll learn leadership practices from customer experience executives at companies like Airbnb, Walgreens, Audi, Premera, and more. Leaders will share their experiences and elaborate on why the Chief Customer Officer role acts as the human duct tape of an organization. Past guests include Samantha Paxson, Ross Garrettson, Rachael McBrearty, and more. Jeanne is the Founder and CEO of Customer Bliss.

“The Jasons Take On…” | Jason Whitehead and Jason Noble

The “Jasons Take On” webinar and podcast series offers fast-paced, insightful, and unplugged conversations with two leading “Jasons” in customer success. Each month they explore a new topic of interest in customer success, and create a relevant and relatable conversation with actionable items for navigating customer success challenges.

What are your favorite customer success and customer experience podcasts? Share with us in the comments below or in the Success Masters Community on LinkedIn.