So you want to make your customer success and communication process more scalable—now what? Perhaps you’ve graded your onboarding scalability and want to incorporate more customer success tech-touch points. 

Knowing where to get started can be daunting since many customer touchpoints can be transitioned to a tech-touch strategy. 

Today we’re breaking down 6 automated in-app engagements for your customer success team to experiment with. 

Dunning Notifications

Churn can be a big problem for any SaaS company, but retaining some users may be easier than you think. Nearly a quarter of all churn is involuntary, meaning it’s caused by an operational issue such as an expired credit card. 

One way to combat this sneaky issue at scale is through dunning notifications. In-app alerts can be set up to remind users when their credit card is approaching its expiration date. Automating these reminders may be enough to reduce unnecessary churn, but you can also alert customer success managers automatically if the expiration time is fast approaching and no action has been taken. 

New feature announcement

Another in-app message to try is new feature announcements. Your teams put a lot of thought and work into updating your product and launching new features, and it would be a waste if users are unaware. 

New feature announcements tell users when there’s a new tool that can help them reach their goals. Want to increase the potency of this tech-touch tactic? Try segmenting your alert audience to make messages scalable and relevant to the users who will find the most value from the new feature. 

Product sunsetting and migration

Just as it’s essential to make sure users are aware of new features, you need to keep them up to date with features and products that are moving or sunsetting so they can ease into the transition. Personally reaching out to every user in a segment that uses a tool would be an impossible task, so leave it to tech-touch to let users know why, where, and how. 

Account setup guided tour

The entire onboarding process is one that can be aided by tech-touch messages and alerts. Guided tours for basic tasks like account setup are one of the ways to make the most significant impact on the workload of your customer success team.

Instead of personally onboarding new users via a one-on-one video call, use in-app guided product tours to deliver onboarding whenever the user is ready or to reinforce onboarding and training calls for more complex products. 

Welcome message (video or text)

What if I told you it was possible to give new users a warm, personalized welcome at scale? Recording a video message that says hello, introduces your team, and reminds users of why they purchased and shows when a user first logs in helps new users connect to the faces of your company and feel excited to start learning. 

NPS/CSAT survey

Net Promoter Scores and Customer Satisfaction Scores are important benchmark metrics. These two customer success calculations let you know how users feel about your product and how likely they would be to recommend. By automating the collection of these scores via in-app surveys, your team can identify promoters, passives, and detractors and react accordingly. 

NPS and CSAT surveys are a prime example of using a tech-touch method followed by high-touch outreach. The scalable tech-touch tool highlights struggling or dissatisfied users, which in turn helps customer success managers prioritize their outreach. 

On top of the fact that customer success tech-touch points offer communication at scale, they also provide learning and growth at scale. As you experiment with tactics such as in-app messages and NPS surveys, you’ll learn more about your users and how they behave. Tracking the success of these scalable engagements alongside user intelligence and customer health, you can increase revenue with customer growth. Intelligence and insights are also two of the 4 Pillars of Customer Success

Which in-app success touchpoint will you try first? Let us know in the comments below. 


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