In short, a Customer Growth Platform is a customer success solution dedicated to not only ensuring customers are successful, but that they go beyond success and ultimately stay longer, spend more, and tell their friends about your product. It combines user intelligence, targeted engagements, and customer health to help your customer success team deliver what each of your customers needs to be successful in every moment throughout the customer journey.

How is a Customer Growth Platform different from a Customer Success Platform?

Just like your customer success team, your Customer Growth Platform is focused on guiding each customer to success by delivering value at each stage of the customer journey. But in today’s customer success software landscape, that process is fractured across multiple applications. Some platforms are good at presenting in-app behavior data, some are good at delivering in-app messaging, and some focus just on presenting customer health data—this leaves customer success teams stuck cobbling together multiple tools into get everything they need on a day-to-day basis.

Here’s a breakdown:

Feature Customer Growth Platform Customer Success Software
Tools needed One platform for the entire customer lifecycle Customer Success Software + Excel, CRM and/or MarTech, Helpdesk , and others
Revenue impact Better visibility into key metrics exposes new
opportunities to drive revenue through cross-sells,
upsells, and advocacy.
Limited or fractured visibility into key metrics mean missed opportunities throughout the customer journey
Segmentation Unlimited options leveraging historical data for
real-time intelligence
Limited options and no historical data means slower reaction times
Implementation No custom coding, up and running in 1-2 days Between 3 to 6 months with most solutions
User intelligence All customer and product data can be funneled into one platform Multiple disconnected sources harbor data in silos, unable to talk to one another
Customer health Review at-a-glance on the dashboard for overall
health, view customer health scores for any defined segment or persona, and drill into individual accounts and users
Overall and account health
Targeted engagements Provides a variety of engagement types that can be triggered based on user intelligence, behaviors, and segment Engagement-specific software doesn’t connect with user data and requires tedious setup and arbitrary delivery

A Customer Growth Platform combines the key functions a customer success team needs into one dedicated solution, freeing their time to enable them to develop more proactive processes and allows them to scale quickly while continually driving product value to customers. This facilitates seamless movement through each stage of the customer journey so customer success can turn adopters into advocates who increase their spend and drive new leads to the top of your hourglass.

How does a Customer Growth Platform support each stage of the customer journey?

A Customer Growth Platform helps your customers get the most from your product starting with their very first login by delivering targeted engagements like guided tours and feature callouts to support them as they learn. Your CGP will also monitor adoption metrics to ensure each customer is getting the value they expect from day one.

A Customer Growth Platform will monitor customer health with churn indicators like adoption rate, login frequency, sentiment, financial and technical data. Your CGP will then alert Customer Success Managers to at-risk customers and provide them with the helpful content they need as part of your churn reduction strategy.

A Customer Growth Platform helps increase subscription revenue by cross-selling or upselling helpful features, identified by each customer’s unique usage data, through targeted engagements. Your CGP will also prompt users to renew or upgrade based on usage triggers created by your customer success team, making your CS department a revenue-driving function within your organization.

A Customer Growth Platform will identify promoters of your brand through NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys and encourage them to advocate on your behalf, driving new, more qualified prospects to the top of your hourglass. Perhaps more importantly, NPS surveys will also help you discover detractors and passives so you can devise a plan to address their needs and prime them to become advocates.

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Why do you need a Customer Growth Platform?

As customer success teams scale and become responsible for each phase of the customer journey, they need these three primary functions—user intelligence, targeted engagements and customer health—all under one roof so they can move quickly and ensure each of their efforts are aligned. To make sure your customer success team (and ultimately your customers) has everything it needs to flourish, give them the tools that make them proactive. Give them a Customer Growth Platform.

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