Customer success task management

Customer success is hardly an assembly line. It’s mired in hundreds of to-do’s that can’t be done and a ton of gray area in-between. 

With many customer success managers (CSMs) handling 100-plus accounts, just keeping your tasks from exploding out of control can feel like an accomplishment in and of itself. 

As explosions are bad, and organization good, here are some customer success task-management practices that should impart a little order into your job. 

Find the right task management approach 

If you don’t already have a system in place for tracking customer success to-do lists, that should be your first priority.

Any system is better than no system. Still, there are a lot of ways to approach task management. For instance, some CSMs might prefer a straightforward grocery list-style approach that lays out every task.

We prefer the kanban board method, which digitally recreates the Post-It Note-littered whiteboards that dev teams often use. A kanban board offers a little more context to your tasks, so you can prioritize tackling the work that matters most rather than just going through your list and checking items off. 

Encourage your customer success team to stay on task

Sometimes — well, maybe often — there will be fires. But we can all agree it’s usually not a good idea to skip from one job to another. 

Every time you drop one task to pick up another, your brain has to reacclimatize itself. Those small delays add up fast. Research suggests overextending yourself through multitasking can drain as much as 40% of your productivity.

Get yourself a CS task management system

CSMs need task management tools tailored to their specific line of work.

A generalized project management platform might not fit perfectly into your existing workflows — not to mention seamlessly integrating with your customer success technology. Whatever platform your team lives in, make sure your task management software will support it. 

Any worthwhile task management solution will support the actual work your customer success team does from day to day. For instance, by integrating with other customer success platforms such as a health score tool, a task management system could generate to-do items to proactively help customers. If an account’s health score dips, a task could be added to call or email that customer to figure out what’s happening.