Successful adoption is the most critical milestone your customers will hit in the journey to advocacy. It’s their first touch with your company as a customer, it’s their first interaction with your product as paying users, it’s where they’re looking for the most value in the shortest amount of time. At this point, your customers are just dipping their toes in, which means churn is an easy decision if they aren’t getting what they need. That means time-to-value needs to be short and continuous throughout their journey.

But how do you make that happen? By implementing and tracking processes, metrics, and goals for your Customer Success team.

We’ve designed this helpful Adoption Stage playbook to help you hone your strategy and give you a few tips for delivering value throughout the adoption stage. This will help you nail the basics, establish a solid foundation for your adoption stage processes, and ultimately strengthen the bedrock of your entire customer success program.

Download the Customer Journey Playbook Phase 1: Adoption here and plan an effective adoption process that decreases churn and helps create more successful customers.