If you’re asking “why a Customer Growth Platform,” it’s simple: it provides comprehensive visibility into your customers as they move through each stage of the customer journey. Having a dedicated growth solution for your customer success team will equip them with features like user intelligence and customer health, targeted engagements, and CRM integration which means they can determine which areas to focus resources to ensure your customers are successful with your product from day one. Customer success is about being proactive and knowing your customer’s needs before they realize it. Harnessing customer data in an actionable way allows you to draw connections between how customers are interacting with your product and how to engage with them based on those interactions. A great Customer Growth Platform will allow you to do just that. Here’s how:

A Customer Growth Platform Gives Customer Success Teams A Dedicated Solution

Customer success in simplest terms is refocusing resources to ensure that your customers remain successful within your product. In the SaaS landscape, emphasis is being placed on nurturing current relationships into new revenue opportunities in combination with traditional sales and marketing tactics. A Customer Growth Platform helps customer success teams gather user intelligence, deploy targeted engagements, and dive deeper into customer health all under one solution. A great Customer Growth Platform will also allow for infinite segmentation options so it’s easy to address customers at scale, find correlations between data points and even evaluate accounts against each other to compare growth.

A Customer Growth Platform Provides Intelligence To Track Customers Throughout Their Journey

Just as sales needs data to track leads through the funnel, customer success needs data to track customers throughout the customer journey. Having a Customer Growth Platform gives you the tools and insights to ensure your customers seamlessly transition from the purchase point to becoming an advocate for your brand. Adoption is the first milestone in your customer’s journey and user behavior and intelligence data will help you ensure it goes off without a hitch. From there, the intelligence gathered in the retention stage allows you to measure your customers progress and continually deliver value. Expansion, or “negative churn,” is most effective when your CS team can be proactive in account expansion efforts (meaning backing up the expansion conversation with the intelligence you’ve gathered). The final stage in the journey is advocacy— the point in which successful customers are more likely to share testimonials or referrals; intelligence from your Customer Growth Platform will help you pinpoint which customers are ready to become promoters.

A Customer Growth Platform Proactively Fights Churn

A Customer Growth Platform identifies key churn indicators such as login frequency, feature utilization, and sentiment so you’ll be able to take corrective action to fight churn before it happens. Combining customer feedback, churn indicators, and health and behavior data provides actionable insights for management. Reducing churn or achieving negative churn has a huge impact on annual revenue and is critical to the overall success or failure of a business and is often the top KPI for customer success teams, so getting ahead of the curve to keep your churn rates low is a critical need as your company scales.

A Customer Growth Platform Provides Valuable Customer Health Insights

A Customer Growth Platform provides an at-a-glance customer health dashboard as well as real-time visibility into your customer’s health scores. In UserIQ, this health score is represented by a combination of indicators such as usage, adoption, sentiment, financial and technical data. This helps expose pain points, manage your most at-risk customers, and offer cross-functional insights that Customer Success Managers can use to help focus resources. Visibility into customer health gives a CS team the tools to make data-driven decisions about how to reach the right customer with the right message at the right time.

A Customer Growth Platform Reinforces Value Through Targeted Engagements

Within a Customer Growth Platform, you’ll have the ability to send messages to a specific customer segment (or cohort) that will help them achieve and maintain success. For example, you can send renewal reminders through your product while you already have their attention versus sending countless emails only to receive little feedback. You can also deliver value by offering a guided tour to onboard users to a new feature, or a administer a highly effective NPS or survey campaign like MedReps. In our experience, in-app engagements are 8-10x more effective than standard communications. And backed by your user intelligence, you have the means to make those engagements highly-targeted so each customer gets what they need to be successful in every moment.

A Customer Growth Platform Allows For Seamless CRM Data Integration

A good Customer Growth Platform will integrate with your CRM, allowing your sales and marketing data to seamlessly accompany your product and customer data to contextualize the entire customer journey. By integrating with a CRM system like UserIQ does with Salesforce, all data can be leveraged to serve as a backbone to client communications and maintain a single system of record that eliminates data silos.

A Customer Growth Platform Helps To Sustain Growth Beyond the Funnel™

A Customer Growth Platform provides user data to contextualize and capitalize on the entire customer relationship, delivers data-driven targeted messages that continually deliver value, and helps you manage customer health, all with the goal of keeping customers successful. And we all know that successful customers stay longer, spend more, and tell their friends. Without user intelligence, the ability to discover actionable insights about your customers becomes immensely more difficult, requiring tedious aggregation from multiple data sources. Delivering highly-targeted in-app engagements allows CS teams to automate basic processes and scale more efficiently and synchronizing efforts into one solution creates a competitive advantage that a customer success team can leverage to sustain growth post-sale.

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