When a lead decides to sign up for your free trial, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to show them what your product and your company are really made of. At UserIQ, we take a pretty hands-on approach with our trial customers to make sure they get the most out of our Customer Growth Platform™. We put the same amount of care into ensuring success for our trial users as we do our signed customers.

Getting a trial user to convert is obviously the goal, which means we only have a short time to prove our value and make sure our product is something our users can’t live without. We do this through targeted engagements at each stage of the customer journey. If you want to make sure your trial users are getting the most out of your product, here are a few ideas for you:

Welcome them

Users expect to receive an email after they’ve signed up for something, which is why welcome emails are four times more likely to be opened and get five times the click through rate than other types of emails. Use that knowledge to your advantage; assume this could be the only email they open in their time with your company, so make it count.

When a trial user signs up, immediately welcome them to your family with an email. Within it, provide links to resources like your knowledge base, blog, and support services. Also make sure you provide contact information for whoever they should reach out to should they have questions.

Then let the user know what to expect during the kickoff event (if you have one) and throughout their onboarding experience (which should be exceptional). Also take this opportunity to let them know ahead of time if they need to prep anything and provide an agenda of what you plan to accomplish.

Decrease the time-to-value

When new users enters your app for the first time, setup wizards and guided tours are a great option for self-service onboarding. They help automate the most basic parts of the onboarding and training process which means they’re incredibly scalable and don’t require additional resources from your team.

Wizards help the user get setup without needing to reach the success team while guided tours help the user get familiar with the most important features of the product. These make the time-to-value quick for them and easy for you. The faster a user can see how your product is integral to their lives, the more likely you are to get them to become a customer.

Check-in as needed

Keep checking in with your users throughout their trial to make sure things are running smoothly. Trial users who are at risk for not converting to a customer are less likely to reach out to you, but likely to respond if you take the initiative.

Active users usually need fewer checkins; if they are active within your application or reaching out to you on their own, avoid checking in too often so as not to bombard them. Passive users may need a bit of encouragement or a few reminders; check in to make sure there aren’t any blockers or outstanding questions from the onboarding phase. Inactive users should be checked in with as often as possible; you don’t want them to forget they’ve started a trial or hit a hurdle that keeps them from moving forward with your company.

Pro-tip: With UserIQ, you can see account health and activity for each customer all in one place. Use this information to keep track of where each user is in their journey to success and help you send the right message to the right user at the right time.

Celebrate milestones

The initial onboarding process should be pretty basic for most SaaS products. Most users will likely follow the same path in their trial or you may have a couple of distinct different paths depending on the account type.

Set up an in-app announcement to alert and congratulate users when they’ve completed a milestone or checked off a task you set for them in the onboarding phase. For example, a critical milestone for UserIQ trial users is to create their first engagement, so we might implement a celebratory announcement for each new user who completes this step.

Build a community

Consider hosting a monthly webinar dedicated to onboarding and training. Open webinar sessions are a great way to get a group of your trial users all in one place. With a mix of users chatting together, there’s a sense of community, they can use one another as resources, and you can jump in to solve multiple issues in one fell swoop.

Conduct an exit interview

If a trial user does happen to cancel, conducting an exit interview will help you understand why. This will give you the opportunity to potentially resolve any issues that may be the cause and find out how to improve for the future.

You want to recognize every opportunity to show your value to your trial users and convert them to a customer. From the moment a lead lands on your site, be sure you’re engaging with them and proving that you’re the best solution for them. The trial period is critical to every customer’s journey so don’t overlook the importance of putting together a program to engage and convert trial users.

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