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    Reveal Mobile Drives Customer Success with UserIQ

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    Since their founding in 2015, Reveal Mobile has been helping advertisers and their agencies with location-based marketing. Their customizable reporting helps customers easily understand the audiences that visit the locations they care about. Reveal Mobile has a powerful user interface that makes it easy to build location-based audiences and then reach those audiences through digital advertising and social media. In addition, the company’s foot traffic attribution reporting helps simplify the process of understanding the impact and effectiveness of their campaigns.


    Reveal Mobile was looking for a customer success platform that would help them to engage with their users. By focusing on in-app customer engagement, Reveal Mobile sought to boost product adoption and better scale their customer onboarding program.

    Another big priority for the Reveal Mobile team was collecting user feedback. Hearing directly from customers would inform Reveal Mobile of common user concerns, behaviors, and needs. This feedback was particularly important because Reveal Mobile was about to launch new analytics capabilities and wanted to understand how customers were adopting these new features and where they were getting stuck. “We needed a way to analyze usage data, send in-app messages, and track customer health, and UserIQ had the full package of what we were looking for,” said Andy Schrader, Chief Product Officer at Reveal Mobile.

    We needed a way to analyze usage data, send in-app messages, and track customer health, and UserIQ had the full package of what we were looking for.


    Chief Product Officer


    Since coming on board in 2018, Reveal Mobile has been able to leverage a lot of the functionality that UserIQ offers. The team has analyzed feature usage and in-app behavior data to better understand and adapt to their users’ needs. They’ve also developed meaningful segments, allowing them to dig into specific usage patterns and target those users with tailored email campaigns and in-app messages.

    Check out the email campaign that Reveal Mobile launched to improve audience downloads, with the help of UserIQ data and email functionality:


    Powered by metrics like user activity and customer sentiment, Reveal Mobile has been able to track and report on the health of its customer base using their Health IQ score. This scalable, data-driven approach to customer health scoring has allowed Reveal Mobile to closely monitor and act upon their top accounts, increasing retention among their most valuable customers. They’ve also been able to learn which customers’ feedback can inform new product releases, along with which accounts can be targeted for follow ups to ensure a better user experience.



    Reveal Mobile has leveraged UserIQ data to develop impactful campaigns. One example of these campaigns started when the team noticed that some users would build an audience in Reveal Mobile, but then didn’t download that audience. Since audience downloads are a key part of the company’s revenue model, Reveal Mobile wanted to engage users directly in order to combat this issue. Their targeted outreach campaign was met with great success—the percentage of users who downloaded an audience nearly doubled month over month in the spring of 2019, from 10% to 19%. “We wouldn’t have been able to monitor, identify, and act upon our initiative to increase the audience download percentage without UserIQ’s help,” said Dan Hawkins, Customer Success Manager at Reveal Mobile.


    UserIQ has also aided the Reveal Mobile team with new feature rollouts. While the Reveal Mobile platform started out as an audience downloading solution, the product has since evolved to include analytics. “Before UserIQ, we would have no way of measuring the results of a new feature rollout. By leveraging the user intelligence capabilities within the UserIQ platform, we’re able to see what a big hit the analytics features have been and how they’re resonating with customers,” said Schrader.

    Beyond the Customer Success team, the leadership at Reveal Mobile has benefitted from Hawkins’ monthly presentations on the key user data points that live within UserIQ. Hawkins also gives weekly presentations on health metrics and usage data to Reveal Mobile’s customer-facing teams in order to closely track sentiment and keep the organization on the same page. By distributing this customer data across the organization, Reveal Mobile’s CS team has truly positioned themselves as the window into the customer.


    In addition to capitalizing on their early wins with UserIQ, Reveal Mobile will continue to collect data from their NPS surveys to keep tabs on their customer loyalty and satisfaction over time. Reveal Mobile will also continue to optimize and scale their onboarding program with the help of UserIQ’s guided tours, tooltips, and user intelligence features.

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