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    Manheim Sees 400% Increase in Feature Adoption with UserIQ

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    A subsidiary of Cox Automotive, Manheim was established in 1945 and continues to set the industry standard for buying and selling used vehicles today, connecting buyers and sellers to the largest wholesale used vehicle marketplace and most extensive auction network. Manheim is North America’s leading provider of vehicle remarketing services. Through 127 traditional and mobile auction sites and diverse digital channels, the company helps dealer and commercial clients achieve business results by providing innovative end-to-end inventory solutions. Approximately 18,000 employees enable Manheim to register about 8 million used vehicles per year, facilitate transactions representing nearly $57 billion in value and generate annual revenues of more than $3 billion.


    As a 74-year-old company, Manheim understands that their legacy systems and processes are a significant part of their employees’ and clients’ everyday lives. They have built “muscle memory” on how to navigate the products and services they use. With a major overhaul of both employee-facing and client-facing systems on the horizon, the UX team at Manheim knew they would need to ease their two key stakeholder groups—employees and clients—through these changes, redesigns, and new product launches.

    Traditionally Manheim sent emails, created FAQ documents, and conducted weekly conference calls to update employees on new functions and features within their applications. However, they recognized that these methods were not ideal for a company their size, were not scalable as they grew, and did little to actually teach employees what they needed to know.

    “Everything was off-screen, outside of the context of the application where we were trying to provide help,” said Seth Stuck, director of product analytics & testing at Cox Automotive.

    Everything was off-screen, outside of the context of the application where we were trying to provide help.

    Seth Stuck

    Director, Product Analytics & Testing


    Manheim became a UserIQ customer in May 2016 to find a better way to manage change for both their employees and their clients. “We have a consistent desire throughout the organization to make the pain of change as minimal as possible so that users can reap the benefits of a new function or a new feature or application without missing a beat,” said Chuck Konfrst, director of user experience at Cox Automotive.

    UserIQ allows Manheim to deploy targeted engagements, including guided tours and tooltips, for two core functions: employee training and client onboarding.

    “We still have the option and ability to use methods like conference calls, emails, FAQS, and static help pages when we need them, but we can be more thoughtful about the use of those tactics now,” said Stuck. “Having the option to provide both contextual help through UserIQ and static content through traditional channels ensures we have a variety of ways to get useful information in front of the user, plus we have a choice to leverage whichever approach will be the most impactful.”




    In one A/B test, Manheim discovered that users who complete a guided tour are 4x more likely to use a new functionality introduced in the new interface. That means that Manheim is able to onboard users and deliver value quicker, as well as drive product and feature adoption at scale. They also have been able to hold fewer training calls with employees by using guided tours that are synced with release schedules to teach users new features and functions at the moment they need it. To date, they have deployed more than 70 guided tours.

    “Guided tours are opportunities to leverage findings from our beta or pilot programs that highlight confusing or trouble points we expect most users to have concerns with,” said Konfrst.



    With an average of 56% completion rate on internal tours, Manheim has seen clear demand from stakeholders inside the organization to use tours to drive higher adoption rates and product behavior from employees. Manheim’s targeted engagements have assisted more than 62,000 users across both employee and client-facing applications and helped onboard thousands of employees to new systems in less than a year.

    Guided tours are opportunities to leverage findings from our beta or pilot programs to highlight confusing or trouble points we expect most users to have concerns with.

    Chuck Konfrst

    Director of User Experience


    As Cox Automotive and Manheim grow, so do their software and interfaces. They will need continued support in helping employees and clients find value in their products and services. Beyond the success they’ve seen with targeted engagements, Manheim plans to continue building out campaigns, refining segments for laser-targeted engagement, and developing new projects with confidence that employee and client training will
    go smoothly.




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