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    Intellum Sees 3x Higher Feature Usage

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    Intellum is the leader in customer education and employee learning software. The company helped invent the SaaS-based employee learning industry almost 20 years ago, and while they didn’t invent customer and external audience education, they did invent the customer education platform in 2013. Today, Intellum builds the learning, collaboration and performance software that companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Randstad and AT&T rely on to engage a wide range of audiences including customers, retail associates and employees.


    Intellum’s products serve internal enterprise audiences like employees as well as external audiences like customers, retail associates and channel partners.

    Although Intellum has an incredibly strong customer retention rate at 98%, the team was interested in finding a tool to help them better understand overall customer health.

    Intellum chose UserIQ over other tools because, according to VP of Client Services Tad Kozak, “it felt more customizable and easier to use.” Intellum became a customer of UserIQ in November 2016.


    We get 3x the interaction rate on features when we use UserIQ’s tooltips to point them out than when we don’t. Just that extra little nudge has made a huge difference.


    VP of Client Services


    Today, Intellum uses UserIQ to improve their account and user insights, speed up user onboarding, and assist with driving upsell and cross-sell opportunities. UserIQ also allows Intellum to communicate with account admins in a new way through in-app messaging and comprehensive user data.

    Being able to benchmark their users’ usage, engagement, and customer health indicators within UserIQ allows Intellum to understand trends in each account and helps their account strategists keep a pulse on what’s going on with their customers.

    Additionally, by leveraging UserIQ’s integrations with Zendesk and Salesforce, Intellum is able to bring together disparate data points and connect tools and departments across the organization with customer data.


    Using UserIQ to Introduce New Features

    By introducing users to new features using UserIQ’s tooltips, Intellum has improved the usage of those features by 3x on average.

    “We get 3x the interaction rate on features when we use UserIQ’s tooltips to point them out than when we don’t,” said Kozak. “Just that extra little nudge has made a huge difference.”

    Introducing users to new features while they are inside the app lets them learn about those features in real time. With tooltips, this introduction is subtle and non-intrusive, but still ensures users are getting the information they need when they need it.

    The Intellum team is now able to visualize before and after usage of features when they roll out and understand how various segments use them so they can ensure the features they’re building are found and used by their customers.


    Delivering High-Quality Data to Account Admins and Strategists

    Delivering high-quality data like product usage analytics, customer health scores, and behavior tracking to account admins and strategists helps Intellum stay more up to speed on their accounts.

    “Behavior tracking has opened up a new set of insights for us and how we engage our users,” said Kozak.

    Additionally, the ability to segment user data within UserIQ provides the most relevant insights for a particular group of users. This granularity helps Intellum’s account admins and strategists assess and adjust when users are at risk, when their engagement is fluctuating, or when they could benefit from a new feature.


    Behavior tracking has opened up a new set of insights for us and how we engage our users.


    VP of Client Services


    Beyond the successes they’ve seen so far, Intellum plans to implement a process for distilling customer health information from UserIQ to account owners to use as a guide for customer conversations and prioritization.

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